Al Gore’s Election Day Appearance

AO: The Rubicon

When: 11/06/2018

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Zima, MillerTime, Lumberg, Bo Knows, Trebek, Pellets, Pitstop, Waffles (2.0), Lowes, Devito, Cookie

The first Tuesday in November started off warm and extremely wet.  11 PAX took the DRP on election day to make good things happen.  The inventor of the internet, Al Gore, even decided to join us.

-mosey over to the big flag for SSH, Weedpicker, Through the Tunnel & Imperial Walker
-mosey to the dog track for a Reverse Indian Run
-the guy in back turns around and sprints the opposite direction to catch the PAX, then jumps in front, leading an arm exercise
-next up was a Balls to the Wall challenge, starting on one end, escalating up 10 seconds after the guy next to you drops.  As usual, MillerTime was last one standing

-Lt Dan across the field heading back toward civilization, 1:4 squat/lunge ratio
-work our way back to the planters for Dips & Step-Ups

-mosey back to the hill by the FOD for a Hill Dora with a partner
-100 Carolina Drydocks
-200 Squats
-300 LBC

-next up we hit the FOD for a Rotating Ring of Fire
1) Howling Monkey:  hold monkey humper position while each PAX does 10 monkey humpers
2) Merkins:  hold low plank while each man does 10 merkins
3) Squats:  hold Al Gore while each man does 10 squats
-just enough time for some morning wood – 10 OYO
-head back to the flag for 2 MOM, Flutter Kicks

-prayers for those injured or battling illness, praise for healthy bodies
-2nd F this Thursday 7p at Loyal Q on Old Milton
-CPR class inspired by Darth Visor’s passing this Saturday, 9a-12p Alpharetta First United Methodist Church

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