3 Years Strong!


When: 11/05/2018

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Piggy, El Matador, Ball Boy, Sunshine, Boomer, Moonshine, Meadowlark, Redi-Mix, Popper, Catfish, Saint20, Jimbo

YHC had the Q to start the week off right in Johns Creek, the Hooch.  A friendly reminder from Twitter let me know that I had been using their social media platform for three years, which also coincides with my first F3 Alpha Beatdown.  I also coincides with the day that I got shingles, but I digress.

Here’s what we did:

Disclaimer then…

Two warm up laps followed by some warm up exercises.

Quick mosey to the portico near Twisted Taco.

Partnered up for stations.  Each grouping received and item and some instruction on what to do with it.  YHC brough a large sandbag, two thirty pound rucksacks, some resistance bands, some small sandbags, and a sledge hammer.

One partner exercised, while the other ran to regal.  Switched up when the runner got back.  2 rounds each, then rotated around the circle.

YHC threw in a couple of audibles to keep it interesting.

Piggy prayed us out!

Moonshine’s clock didn’t fall back so his plan to fartsack failed!

Nice work…honored to be lead.



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