Back up DD

AO: The Wreck

When: 11/05/2018

QIC: Bronco

PAX (): Jackalope, Zima, Divot, Haggis, Green bean, Crab legs, Hat trick, Rusty, Doogie, Sparky, Swamp Donkey, Raider, Rooney, Bear, Blue, Thumper, Caffeine, Bieber, Squeegie, Goat

21 Pax showed up on a misty Monday morning ready to grind.  With DD out with the sniffles YHC moved into the impromptu Q spot and here’s how it went:


  • Quick mosey to the upper lot for
    • 13 Toy Soldiers
    • 13 Mtn Climbers
    • 13 Cotton pickers

The Thang(s)

Mosey to the wall for 11’s

  • 1 Donkey kick – sprint to far end of parking lot – 10 Stone Mountains.
  • Keep on going til 10 DK’s and 1 SM
  • Held the last donkey kick for the six until exhaustion set in and planked it out
  • (We’re at 2 miles already at this point)

Mosey to the east side where the bleachers are for Super 21s

  • 1 dip, 1 squat
  • 2 dips, 2 squats
  • 3/3, 4/4 and so on
  • We got to 15ish and YHC wanted the fun to keep going elsewhere so we audibled

Last stop was to the field with 15 mins left:

  • Line up on the goal line
  • The one pax at the far end yelled out an exercise then sprinted to the far goal line and back while the rest of the Pax did as he commanded.
    • Ranged everywhere from T-bombs to burpees, J-Lo’s to squat jumps.
    • Thumper said it best – after the sprint it was tough to keep up!

With 3 minutes left and all Pax having their shot we mosey back to the flag and hit right at 6:15.


  • 2nd F at Loyal Q this Thursday 6:30 ish
  • Thinking about Goat and that foot – get better buddy!
  • Awesome way to start a Monday – always thankful for what we’ve got goin’ on here!

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