Time to change Time/Count

AO: Austin Elementary

When: 11/03/2018

QIC: Scout

PAX (): Fireballs, Green Bean, Leon, Madoff, Manhole, Seles, Sleeper

In anticipation of the time change I was a little out of synch. So much for the Imperial Walkers and then the Mountain Climbers! Now you know why those music and dance lessons were a waste of time growing up! “This will be a 4 count ….123,123.”

We had to push the workout today to make way for the Bouncy House and Dunwoody Dash at Austin Elementary. Eight souls sped thru the workout at the hands of Scout. The PAX: Fireballs, Green Bean, Leon, Madoff, Manhole, Seles, Sleeper, and Scout posted this AM at Austin Elementary for a workout. The Thang:

Mosey to get away from the generator noise. In-cadence (kind-of), SSH (20), Imperial Walkers (20), Mericans (10), LBC (20), Sumo Squats (20) Mountain Climbers (20) (second serving was captured later at WSTC), rinse and repeat

Mosey to the bottom of Dunwoody Knoll for a series of driveway to driveway exercises:

Backwards run, Karaoke, FlapJack, Imperial Lunge walks (I/C), Broad Jumps, Bear Crawls up and back, Sprint 2, Mosey to bottom, repeat 3 X

Finish at top with Inch Worms.

Cherokee Run with 5 Mericans off the back to WSTC

Mary: Heals to Heaven (20), Mason Twist (20), LBC (20) repeat 2X 20 Flutter kicks and make up Mountain Climbers added to last set.

Up to tennis courts for 11s: Step ups and Derkins (OYO)

Mosey to Roberts: Cone run in pairs: CSUP 2,4,6,8,10  Burpees at the even cones so nicely laid out by the race organizers on Roberts Drive.

Quick Flutter Kicks (10) at entrance to DNC so we all came around the corner at Austin in a group.

COT: Thanks to Green Bean who took us out

Standard time starts tonight so set your clocks back an hour. An old piece of advice that I enjoy at this time of year was to move the clocks either way and let the boss work out the details on Monday!

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