Krueger’s VQ

AO: The Rubicon

When: 11/01/2018

QIC: Krueger

PAX (): Deuce, Trebek, Catfish, Cookie, TopHat, Pitstop, Lumbergh, Mayhem, Jackalope, Lowes, Mama

Its finally here, Krueger’s VQ….
For the warm up we mosey’d on to the lot behind the equestrian center to circle up for some SSH, hillbillies, cotton pickers and circle burp to warm us up.

Then off to dust off the old hill o’ pain, its been a while since we been here. We partnered up for Merkins, lbc, squats and planks, while the other partner ran up the hill and back.

Then we had a lite Mary of some 6-inches and some flutter kicks for the six, then off to the playground. Where we split up into stations for 15’s of donkey kicks, pull ups and lunges.

Time flew by and we had to cut it short to head back to the flag for a lil more Mary of Box cutters and dying cockroaches. Then Cookie lead us for the COT.

(posted by Lowes on behalf of Krueger)

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