The Cry of the Coyotes

AO: The Firehouse

When: 11/01/2018

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Fudd, Skynyrd, Baker, Reuben

YHC vowed he would not be late again.  After a disappointing showing on Tuesday, this HIM hopped out of bed extra early and made the trek to the Firehouse with Baker and Skynyrd patiently waiting.  Wait! Here comes Fudd with headlights flashing! The group made a quick mosey over to gather our last remaining PAX and we headed off for warm-up.

Quick stroll around the bend for some SSH, windmills, Alabama Ass-kickers (both legs), Copper-head merkins, and Moraccan nightclubs.  All excercises IC.

****Note to self- Coyotes travel in packs, and we must have been surrounded, as their cries filled the gloom.  YHC couldn’t help but look over his shoulder for an attack.

A slightly faster mosey over to the playground  for 11’s:

  • Inverted rows- on swings
  • Derkins on benches

The Thang

Mosey around to the soccer field picking up some coupons along the way.

Suicides with Bear crawls starting from the end zone-3 rounds. Reps were equivalent to the yardage for each excercise:

  • Squat thrusts w/coupon -5 yds bear crawl- SSH -run back.
  • Kettle bell swings-10 yds BC-SSH-run back
  • Elf on the shelf w/coupon-20 yds BC-SSH- run back
  •  Curls-25 yd BC- SSH-run back

Rinse and repeat for 2nd round, but in reverse.  For the 3rd round we substituted ab excercises (crunchy frogs, V-ups, hammers, LBC’s).

Colt 45’s- 15 upper, 15 full, 15  skull crushers-all IC.

With 2 minutes to spare we re-deposited our coupons and headed to the big flag for Mary:

  • J-Lo’s
  • Swimmers


Prayers for healing for sick PAX, and growth of our AO.




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