Batman couldn’t help us find the “Lost Phone.”

AO: The Hooch

When: 10/31/2018

QIC: El Matador

PAX (): Piggy, Jimbo, Ball Boy, Simba, Flo, Boomer, Scrooge, Sunshine, Splinter, Ready Mix, FNG Burner, Popper

YHC got to lead 13 men on a Halloween beatdown.  Batman showed up, but he disappeared after the warmup!  It looks like Robin was fart-sacking.   Here’s what happened:

Warmup mosey around the parking lot and a quick stop for Weed Pickers, HillBillys, and SSH’s.  Apparently we had an FNG and YHC almost left without the disclaimer – coulda swore I’ve seen that guy before.

We Mosey’d to the soccer field for Field of Dreams.  Two rounds of 15 Burpees at home base, Squats/Lunges at 1st base, Regular/Diamond Merkins at 2nd base, and LBC’s/Reverse LBC’s at 3rd base.  This is where the lost phone came in, and we called an audible for mosey/bear crawls to find it.  Batman convinced a passer-by to call the phone, and 2 PAX mosey’d back to find it along the way.

YHC had been considering more Burpees on the church hill, but the change of plans killed that so we mosey’d over to the fire pit for Dips and Derkins.  It turns out the phone was found!  Then back to the soccer field for Captain Therkin’s.  Great job to the PAX for hanging in there all the way through!  Mosey back to the parking lot for some Mary: Dolly’s and LBC’s.

Prayers for finishing up the home sale.  Also several trips, Chicago, Napa Valley, Uganda.  Don’t forget to lift up the specific needs each of these guys have on these trips.  Welcome FNG Burner.  Thanks Simba for sharing at Coffeteria!  HaHa even joined in.

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