It’s all Uphill from here…

AO: The Gladiator

When: 10/23/2018

QIC: Manchester

PAX (): DefCon2, Scar, Postal, Tebow, Brownie, PuddleJumper, Viking, Shrinkage, Moonshine and a special appearance by our Barista Spandex

Fall/Winter is upon us, as DC2 will tell you- it was long sleeves weather and the PAX assembled ready to tackle my VQ. The excitement of planning everyone’s morning beatdown the previous day had subsided for some nerves and a side of… “I knew I should have brought the soccer balls”. Luckily, everyone arrived upbeat and ready to go so off we went.

Warm Up:

Mosey to the neighboring car park where we started with some SSH’s, Merkins, and Weedpickers before another mosey down to my comfort zone- the football pitch. There we finished off our warm up with some dynamic stretching to get the legs working.

The Thang:

We moseyed over to Scar’s Rock Garden and the base of the hill to gather our tokens, we then began:

  • 20 dumbbell squats with token
  • Sidelunge (Right Leg First) with Token up the Hill
  • 20 Bonnie Blairs
  • Sidelunge (Left Leg First) with Token up the Hill
  • 20 Prisoner Squats with Token
  • Run Backwards up the Hill

A quick mosey over to the comfort zone ensued where we completed a Chelsea Square, simple jog/sprint escalation to get our lungs pumping and legs moving. 4 sides of jogging, 3 sides of jogging and 1 side of sprinting, 2 sides of jogging and 2 sides of sprinting, 1 side of jogging and 3 sides of sprinting and then finishing with a full 4 sides of sprinting. Rather than rest, we stretched a little more with some dynamic stretching and moseyed back to our favorite place, the hill.

Sans Tokens we completed:

  • 30x Hill Billies (each side)
  • Jog backwards up the hill
  • 30 Plank w/Side to Side Jumps (Window Washers)
  • Sprint to the Top of the Hill
  • 30 Merkins to HumpBack
  • Hop up the Hill 10 Right, 10 Left, 10 Double- repeat

VQ realized the time, and cut out some squats and an uphill bear crawl for a brisk mosey back to the flag, 1 minute of flutter kicks kindly lead by Viking saw us through to 6am.


Prayers for PJ’s Wife and Soon to Be New Arrival as well as prayers for Tebow’s dad who is having their gallbladder removed. Also, continued thoughts and prayers to those affected by Hurricane Michael.

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