The Mile of Death

AO: The Gladiator

When: 10/18/2018


PAX (): Viking, Tebow, Scar, DeVito, Puddle Jumper, Beauty, Socks, Brownie, Shrinkage, Moonshine, Manchester, Spandex, DefConII

The PAX converged on a beautiful fall morning to await the glorious (not so glorious) return of a Q.  YHC last Q’d in June 2017 right before a incident in CO that we won’t elaborate on here…but glad to be back in the Q saddle.

For this workout, YHC received an unshuffled set of F3 Deck of Death playing cards from a F3Alpha JohnsCreek PAX.  Happy to break the seal on this deck!

The Thang:

So started off the day with a lovely crowd loving intro as the Q.  The crowd was confused as to whom would be the Co-Q for the #Gladiator today, but once sorted by DeVito, the workout commenced.  Kneeling down, YHC shuffled the deck three times (should have done 7 with a cut) and then we launched out into the gloom.

First Exercise – MonkeyHumpers.

Second Exercise – I can’t remember and the cards go mixed up…here is a general recap.

The Pax started on the Mile of Death, running 50-100 yards between stops.  At each randomly chosen spot, YHC pulled a new card from the Deck of Death.  The deck is a great thing consisting Lower, Upper, Core and Cardio.

Highlights include: Feet popping up upside-down over the guardrails on Holcomb Bridge much to the confusion of early commuters, seeing Socks run 1.5 miles, seeing Tebow try to run a complete 1.5 miles and generally not leaving folks without a good morning workout.


YHC thankful for a return to Q-dom and getting to work alongside such encouraging and faithful PAX.


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