Keepin’ Ya Movin’ @The Rubicon

AO: The Rubicon

When: 10/23/2018

QIC: Zima

PAX (): Special K, Jackalope, Pitstop, Tophat, Lumbergh, Zima

Now that the “fall” or winter weather has moved in it’s time to think about those “keeping you moving “ all the time type beatdown’s.  I was up for the challenge. 5 WAIT, coming in hot was Pitstop to make 6 PAX were also up for the challenge.  Good thing our mosey to start was going to be a lap around the parking lot.  As we just about finished the loop we picked up Pitstop and headed on a mosey towards the Equestrian fields for the warmup.


SSH, Weed picker, Imperial Walker, Copperhead Squat.  Then mosey to playground.

The Thang

On the way, a stop at the equestrian field for quick leg warm up. Starting from one end, a lunge walk for about half the length and then an AYG sprint to the other end before heading to the Playground.

Once at playground, pax partnered up. Partner 1 started at the pull up bars.  5 rounds of pull ups 10-8-6-4-2.  While Partner 1 does pull ups, Partner 2 does Burpees until Partner 1 finishes their round.  Flapjack until both partners completed their rounds of pull ups.  After a quick round of Mary, it was back to a Mosey towards the planters  by Field of Dreams with a brief stop for another round of Mary.

Once at the Planters it was time for partner dips.  Partner 1 assumed dip position except with legs on their partners back – plank position. 20 rep count in cadence.  Flapjack until both have done their dips.  Next it was time for Aiken Legs.   20 reps of Squats, Box Jumps, Lunges and Split Jacks (aka: Bonnie Blairs) Rinse and repeat but with rep count of 10 (I think Lumbergh was happy about this) After we finished Aiken legs, it just so happened we were by a wall! So…..what else do we do when at a wall?  Yep.  BTTW.  Partner 1 held BTTW, while Partner 2 did 30 merkins.  Flapjack until each parter did their merkins.  Finally, over to Field of Dreams for the Black Snake version of an Indian run.  Pax weave their way to the front.  2 laps of that and then it was back to the flag and just enough time for each PAX to call out an exercise.  I think 6 mins to be exact – DC2 would be proud.


— Continued prayers for Pitstop.  Prayers for the family friends of Tophat going through a death in their family.


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