C.L.I.M.B.’ing to new heights

AO: Grindstone

When: 10/22/2018

QIC: Whiz

PAX (): Benny, McDuff, Whiz

YHC knew it was going to be a chilly start to the week, although temps already dipping into the upper 30’s brought back memories of the really cold winter that still fresh in my memory.  A few extra minutes in the warm car with Benny until McDuff showed up and the PAX power trio headed out into the gloom to warm-up and punch Monday in the face.


Mosey around the back parking lot to get the blood flowing and then triangulate for some SSH, Sun Gods, and Weed Pickers IC.  Then proceed down past the hill of death to the crossroads by the back baseball fields.


YHC has been waiting for the perfect morning to introduce the CLIMB routine to the Grindstone and today was it.  5 rounds with a mosey to the parking lot and back in between each.  This is one of those routines that sticks with you for a while after.

Round 1

  • C-rab cakes x 1
  • L-unges x 2
  • I-mperial walkers x 3
  • M-erkins x 4
  • B-urpees x 5

Round 2

  • C-rab cakes x 2
  • L-unges x 4
  • I-mperial walkers x 6
  • M-erkins x 8
  • B-urpees x 10

Round 3

  • C-rab cakes x 3
  • L-unges x 6
  • I-mperial walkers x 9
  • M-erkins x 12
  • B-urpees x 15

Round 4

  • C-rab cakes x 4
  • L-unges x 8
  • I-mperial walkers x 12
  • M-erkins x 16
  • B-urpees x 20

Round 5

  • C-rab cakes x 5
  • L-unges x 10
  • I-mperial walkers x 15
  • M-erkins x 20
  • B-urpees x 25

YHC noticed a nice little coupon pile just at the end of the parking lot on the way out of the ball fields and decided to stop for a little Bolt 45 and Colt 45 before heading back to the flag with just enough time to bang-out some Flutters.


Grateful for the 2 other PAX who posted this morning.  It was cold enough that YHC would’ve had to think twice about posting solo and glad it didn’t come to that.  It’s great to see Benny posting more regularly and also to watch McDuff getting stronger and more involved every week.  Solid effort by all and we each left with a sense of accomplishment knowing we started the week off right.



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