Animal Farm – Part Deux

AO: Big Creek

When: 10/23/2018

QIC: Whiz

PAX (): The Body, Bartman, McDuff, Whiz

YHC grabbed Q at Big Creek late last night and decided to regurgitate a BD from back in the summer when the mornings were warm and the air was as thick as a blanket.  Seems like ancient history after the last few days of near-winter temps.  4 PAX took the DRP while Benny snored on from the comfort of his Tempurpedic fart sack.  The order of the morning was trying to include an animal walk, crawl, or name in every exercise and YHC fell just short last time.  A few minor tweaks this time and mission accomplished.


  • Seal Jacks, Copperhead Squats, Dancing Bear IC


Head over to the concession building and grab some wall.

  • Donkey Kicks – OYO x 10
  • Iron Spiders – IC x 10
  • Chicken Peckers – IC x 10

Rinse and repeat 2x plus 5 reps each round

Head over to the soccer field for a few rounds of modified bearpees.  Start on one sideline and travel to the other doing

  • 1:4 ratio of burpees to bear crawl
  • 2:4 ratio of burpees to crab walk
  • 3:4 ratio of burpees to frog jump
  • 4:4 ratio of burpees to inchworm
  • 5:8 ratio of burpees to duck walk

Black Mamba run back toward the flag, stopping along the way to raccoon crawl along the beam heading up toward the roman columns.

Back to the flag for some Mary

  • Dying Cockroaches, Crunchy Frog


Prayers for Bartman’s large sales opportunity at work and for all PAX missing, traveling, and struggling to post in the cold gloom.  It sucks and is even harder than usual but still well worth it as always.

NMM Side-Note:

Total animal exercises represented in beat down = 15 (3 more than last time)


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