Everyone Needs RECESS!

AO: The Rubicon

When: 10/18/2018

QIC: Pitstop

PAX (): Waffles, Deuce, Mama, Mayhem, Special K, Zohan

Everyone Needs Recess
Fall morning temps are here, and 7 brave souls showed up for the 2nd Pitstop Q.  Last time the theme was “Teamwork”.  Today’s theme was “RECESS!”
The disclaimer was given with an extra PSA – go get an annual physical!  Everyone needs to do this for their loved ones and for themselves.  YHC was packing a special heart rate monitor after his annual physical showed a new “issue”.
The pax were divided into two teams and coupons (25# rubber plate weights) were issued.  We moseyed.
The schoolyard festivities began on the under-utilized basketball court.  YHC thought that it had lights, but it didn’t.  Oh well.
Warmed-up with the Rubicon Classic:  SSH, Imperial Walkers, and Weed Pickers.  YHC needed the practice of calling exercises and keeping cadence.
The Thang
We kicked off with “Burpee Dodge Ball”.  When you are hit, you do burpees.  Hit again?  Increase your burpee count by 2 and do it again.  The huffin’ and puffin’ was testimony that the pax were getting a good workout in.
Next came “It Pays to be a WindSprint”.  Classic windsprints across the basketball court, but with an F3 twist.  The winner of each heat gave the losers a rest by doing 10 merkins, then yelled “go!” for the next heat.  The winner didn’t have to run anymore, and the field decreased each heat.
We moseyed from the basketball court (carrying the coupons) and did a little “Playground Parkour”.
Moseyed to the planters next to the FOD and did an American Ninja Warrior-inspired “Planter Hand Walk” – feet on the planter, hands on the ground in a merkin position, and shuffle down the length of the planter in that position.  The groaning indicated that much fun was had by all!
Out onto the FOD for some “F3 Kickball”!  Sorta.  YHC was packing a kickball but forgot how dark that field is.  So we skipped the kicking and fielding portions and just did:
1st round
– Sprint to 1st, 5 burpees
– side shuffle to 2nd, 10 merkins
– opposite side shuffle to 3rd, 5 burpees
– Sprint to home
2nd round
– Bear crawl to 1st, 15 flutter kicks
– backwards run to 2nd, 15 flutter kicks
– crab walk to 3rd, 15 flutter kicks (YHC loves flutter kicks!)
– Cheetah run to home.
Moseyed to the pavilion (still carrying the coupons) for dips and step-ups and nailed the 6:15am cutoff at the flag.
1. Welcomed 2nd timers “Deuce” and “Mama” to the Rubicon.
2. YHC requests prayer as I have found out that my position is being offshored to India!  I’ve got 3-5 months to find something new, and should be able to move within my firm (Ernst & Young).  Just have to find the right spot.

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