Bronco’s Mixed Bag

AO: The Galaxy

When: 10/18/2018

QIC: Bronco

PAX (): Wide right, Turbine, Cha Ching, Yahtzee, Secret, Chelsea, Babyface, Percy, Blue

With one of the cooler mornings in a long time YHC knew things needed to get heated up but without the familiarity with Galaxy’s grounds a tour was about to be underway.  Unable to sell any Wreckers on the extra 3 minute drive we had a solid group of 10 Pax ready to rock.


Quick mosey on the path to circle up in the middle and give proper disclosures.

  • Weedpickers x12
  • Mtn Climbers x20
  • Toy Soldiers x12

The Thang(s)

  • To the stage we go where each Pax directed to put feed on wall and go in circles until shoulders ached.  Every half circle we lunge-walk across stage to do it all over again.  Rinse and repeat x3
  • After a short mosey the next stop is the picnic tables where we do Super 21s
    • 1 dip, 1 squat
    • 2 dips, 2 squats
    • All the way up to 21 each
  • The last stop was to the tree closest to the parking lot where YHC had posted exercises in increasing numbers zig-zagging from tree to tree.
    • T-bombs x20
    • Squats x40
    • Werkins x60
    • Alabama ass-kickers x80
    • Shoulder raises x120
    • SSH x160
  • Pax had the choice of bear crawl, lunge-walk, crabwalk or sprint(there and back) as their mode of transportation.

With about 7 minutes remaining we take one last mosey around the path with a burpee stop at each light.

Finish with some Mary and the Q (and apparently some others) was toast.


  • Convergence Saturday 7-8 with coffee/donuts to follow.
  • Several pax running Dirty Spokes race on the 27th.

Awesome group of guys over the Galaxy – enjoyed it thoroughly and will certainly be back.  Keep it up boys!

Bronco out.

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