AO: Rubicon

When: 10/16/2018

QIC: Pellets

PAX (): Miller Time, Tophat, Pitstop, Trebek, Kruger, Lumbergh, Devito, Blart, Mayhem, Catfish

Nothing like home cooking.  Introduced to F3 back in May and Rubicon was the intro AO.  I used to enjoy a pleasant fartsack and now wake up ready to get moving a few days a week.  Appreciate the guys in this F3 community.


To honor of Dan Marino we did the following:


13X Hillbilly’s

The Thang:

Woke up this morning with my chest looking a little mushy and knew to was time for a healthy dose of Merkins.  After the warm up we moseyed towards the track and along the way we had 5 intermittent stops to hammer out 20 Merkins.

After selecting a workout buddy we partnered up for one round each of Balls to the Wall  while partner does LBC’s until buddies ball drop off the wall.

Back to the edge of the track for a Dora 1-2-3 consisting of:

100 Single? Count Lunges (1 leg then the other=1)

200 Merkins

300 Squats

While partner is exercising workout buddy ran down the field and back for the switch.

Quick round of Mary was led waiting for the 6 and once in we hit another 20 Merkins.

Indian run back to the rock garden to select a coupon for curls.  Mosey to the bottom of the hill by the FOD and we did 3 sets of 25 curls at the base of the hill and 25 merkins at the Summit.

Running out of time and used to the cadence of Q’ing at the hour long Widowmaker we made a mad dash back to the parking lot and in fairly close proximity to the flag.  Realizing we were 5 short of a round number of 300 Merkins we closed with some Diamonds for a total of 305 on the day.  Thank you to Devito for reminding me they have meds now for premature stoppage as we did last last set as time expired 50 yards from the flag.


Convergence this Saturday, Wills Park Ruck led by Zohan @ 6 and BD starting at 7.

Q sheet looking lonely at both The Rubicon and Widowmaker.  Everyone jump on and sign up today or don’t moan when V Slim shows up with his coupons.

Welcomed traveler Blart and appreciate you sharing support for Darth.



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