Wind Sprints with Michael

AO: The Rubicon

When: 10/11/2018

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Pellets, Pitstop, Tribec, Top Hat, Zima, Lowe’s, Devito

Weather forecast was calling for rain and 15 mph winds, so what better than wind sprints to complement?  Resistance training as Pitstop called it. 7 posted on a morning that truly tested your resolve to defy the Fart Sack Siren’s sweet calling. Disclaimer and we were off on mosey over to the parking lot behind the pool. We gathered in the corner near FOD for a brief warm-up of SSH, windmills and hill billies.

On to the work. Sprint up and down the lanes of the parking lot all the way across to the flag side. At each end we did 15 LBC’s and 15 flutter kicks. The puddles on the pavement made this part especially joyous … queue mumble chatter. Plank for the six. Repeat back to the start, but this time we side shuffled up and down the lanes, and lunge walked around the end caps. Repeat once more back across the parking with the sprints, LBC’s and flutters again.

Rain was steady at this point and I considered taking us over to Grits pavilion for the next sequence. Then I returned to my senses and we headed to the planters instead. We kicked over into rounds of derkins, step-ups and dips. Round 1 was 25 reps of each. Repeat for rounds of 20, 15, 10 and 5. Insert 10 burpees between each round for good measure. Then we headed back to the parking lot to work our way back across the lot with sprints, LBC’s and flutters. There was a little time left with all PAX in so we bear crawled back up the last lane to wrap things up, then back to the flag for the finish.


Praise for healing family members

Prayers co-workers who have lost jobs and family transitions.

Honored to lead a crew that shows up in crappy weather just because you know your buddy is gonna be there.

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