Who Wrecked The General???

AO: The Wreck

When: 10/15/2018

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (): Rooney, Zima, Jackelope, Hat Trick, Foley, Turbine, Swamp Donkey, Circus, Pony Boy, Divot, Thumper, Grande (FNG), Double D, Bronco, Raider, Squeegee, Bieber, Bear, DeVito, AFLAC, Slim, Grease Monkey

After having to listen to Slim complain all weekend about a workout that didn’t live up to his standards on Friday (where’s Ha-Ha when you need him), YHC decided to recycle yet another road-trip beat down  that would surely quiet the whining. Time to round up the coupons.  Now the last time we (I) saw the General, he was returning from The Galaxy in the same condition as when we headed over there. Well shame on YHC for leaving town, and the General unattended. The paint job is wrecked! There’s a reason Cooter never got to drive the General. But this was even worse… rumor has it that Squeegee was at the wheel. That’s the equivalent to Vance & Coy having the keys for one season. I digress…

With a good Monday crowd at 0530 (according to MY watch) we set out for a leisurely mosey over to the dark side for a quick warmup: SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Windmills and Mountain Climbers.  We continued our mosey over to the football field parking lot where we left the Sweat Wagon full of coupons. Pick your favorite and onto the field for the Deck of Death.

  • Clubs = Kettle Bell Swings with block
  • Hearts = Thrusters with block
  • Diamonds = Derkins on the block
  • Spades = Bent over rows with block
  • Jokers = bear crawl perimeter of the circle

About halfway through after mentioning the steadfast pace of the boys at the Galaxy ,FNG (Grande) took it upon himself to double up on card draws setting a new trend. That’s new guy moxie right there. We made it through the deck but not quite enough time for a full bonus round. Dropped off  the cinders and moseyed back to the… well someone left the flag in the truck. YHC grabbed the flag (which broke apparently due to poor AFLAC repair job) and pulled up the six just in time for some Rooney Supermans. Welcome back Rooney.


Convergence this Saturday 10/20 at Rubicon. 7:00am start.

Kudos to GOAT and Doogie for running like crazy over the weekend with lots of support from the PAX.

We welcomed one FNG – Grande – to the PAX.

Prayers for Double D’s family and all those dealing with the effects of Hurricane Michael.

Hopefully this workout lived up to Slim standards. GMonkey out.

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