Michael, Merkins, and Muffins

AO: The Gladiator

When: 10/11/2018

QIC: Stroller (VQ)

PAX (): Puddle Jumper, Moonshine, Tebow, Sox, Viking, Manchester, Scar, DEFCON 2, Brownie, Delicious, Spandex, Stroller

YHC wondered all night how many would power through the rain for today’s beatdown.  As 5:15 neared and YHC itched to call out the disclaimer and get moving, 3 PAX rolled in to round things out to an even 12 on this rainy morning.  YHC gave the disclaimer, Viking donned his new Viking hat, and we were off.  Mosey to one of the parking lots for warm-up:

*16 SSHs

*20 Moroccan Nightclubs (evidently this was new to many PAX- much mumblechatter ensued, dance moves may have been performed behind YHC)

*11 Weed Pickers

Mosey down to the lower pavilion for some respite from the rain.  Grab a table for-

The Thang, Part I

*10 derkins

*20 dips

*30 shoulder taps

*40 squats

*50 merkins

10 SSHs in between each exercise.  Air chair for the 6.  No mumblechatter during this round, which YHC took as affirmation and led to a rinse and repeat.  Mumblechatter picked up at this point.  After round 2, YHC checked his trusty watch and realized that the PAX ripped through these exercises much faster than planned.  Moseyed out for a lap around the playground parking lot to check the weather. Observing no rain, took the PAX down to the soccer field.  2 minutes of Mary while YHC dreamt up the next round.

*Freddie Mercurys (Brownie)

*Flutter Kicks (Tebow)

*Buzz Saws (Spandex)

The Thang, Part II

YHC resisted the urge to call for a Merkin ladder, and instead went with a trusty Four Corners-

*25 LBCs

*25 squats

*25 Bonnie Blairs (Moonshine requested 25 per leg)

*25 leg raises

Bear crawl on the short edges, run the long edges.  Plank for the 6.  Still more time on the clock, which mean an Indian Run, and then another round of Four Corners:

*25 Monkey Humpers

*25 lunges (25 total- the PAX are now roaming Roswell with one leg slightly stronger than the other)

*25 leg raises

*25 merkins (Scar’s request)

Air chair for the 6, which turned in to wind sprints to midfield and back.  Back to the flag for 3 minutes of Mary.  The dampness of the parking lot was appreciated by all.

*Big Boy Sit Ups (Viking)

*American Hammers (DC 2), which were interrupted by the F3 flag going down, leading to-

*13 burpees (cadence attempted) led at various times by Defcon 2, Viking, and Tebow

*Dollys (Scar)


*Prayers for Laces’ dad

*Good report and continued prayers for Sox’ brother

*Convergence Oct 20, 7am at Wills Park

*YHC and DC 2 showed the PAX their Road IDs and recommended it to all

*Continued prayers for the family of Darth Visor

*Prayers for those in the path of Hurricane Michael

Coffeeteria provided by Spandex, with Mrs. Stroller providing muffins.

YHC greatly appreciated the opportunity to lead the men of the Gladiator this morning, and vows to not be caught 20 minutes short of exercises at his next Q.

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