Running and Rolling

AO: Candy Creek

When: 10/10/2018

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Saint 2O, Pot Hole, Nacho Libre, and Ha-Ha

YHC has had the opportunity to head to Cherokee County (right?) for the new wicked witch beatdown and it has been a nice switch from the standard beatdown or road run that has become familiar with the pax of F3alpha and F3cherokee.  So… YHC wanted to bring that to the Pax of Caney Creek. We grabbed some headlamps to see what the trails had in store.

Warm up:  Waiting in the parking lot for the NLB bus to arrive the pax did some side straddle hops, weed pickers, and some squats.

No bus arrived and we were off on the trail.  YHC had the idea to post some reflectors on the trial to break up the run but didn’t have time before.  Lo and behold they have reflective markers already on the trial.  Each reflective marker the pax stopped and rotated through Merkins, Squats, and Lunges.  As we made our way through the woods back to the original meeting place of the Candy Creek AO.  Under the covered pavilion we knocked out 25 pullups, 50 merkins, and 100 LBC’s OYO.  After completion, the PAX took a lap around the parking lot for old times sake.  Pax stopped for a round of Balls to the Wall.

The fun began on the way back through the woods.   I started the fun by taking the first fall…right into a forward roll.  We assessed the damage and we were off back to a mosey stopping at the reflectors.  Back to the mosey and around the next turn Pot Hole takes the next spill and he only had few scratches so we kept on.  Saint 2 O was the next in line for a fall but his athleticism kept him upright the whole trial run.

As the pax exited the trial run the Nantan was waiting for them in the parking lot.  We headed over to the pavilion for another round of 25 pullups, 50 merkins, and 100 LBC’s.  After completion YHC had a bright idea to hang from the rafters of the pavilion while each PAX ran around the circle.  After the first pax return my grip was shot.  Not sure that will be coming back.

Time for a few minutes of mary.

COT: Prayers for Darth’s family, NLB pax.



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