I’ve got 99 problems, but, a bench ain’t one…

When: 09 Oct. 2018
Where: Atlas AO
PAX: Millertime, Rusty
QIC: Sprocket

With I-Beam DR, YHC took the opportunity to see what could be done with some heavy stones, a grassy field and a freshly topped running track–a different kind of free weight area shall we say. It was great to have a first-time visitor to the Atlas AO (Millertime) and a regular (Rusty) show on a misty morning to join YHC for some stonework. 0530 hit and we mosey to pick up a stone each for the work which ensued.

Warm Up

Circled up aft of the field house and got ready to work by performing 25 each of the following:

*Mountain Climbers
*Imperial Walkers

then, it was time to get down to business:

The Thang

Led the PAX to grassy area aft of Right Field and marked off a distance of 25 meters with a headlamp. Then, the PAX proceeded with…

3 rounds of
10 stone cleans (up to shoulder)
25 meter trot w/stone
15 burpees
25 meter trot w/stone

Called for a quick 10-count, then

5 rounds of
25 meter stone throws
20 Merkins on stone with a variation of the Merkin each time (Right hand on stone, Left hand on stone, Diamond Merkin and feet on stone [the most challenging IMO])

The PAX seemed to enjoy doing this work so much that, yup–it rinsed and repeated for another 5 rounds.

Lead PAX in front of field house where the following were performed

3 rounds of
Squat thrusters with stones 5x
Run 400 meters on RHS track (nice and springy surface btw) for a total of 1,200 meters

So much for a low-mosey workout I guess?

With approximately 6 minutes left, the PAX returned the stones to their spot on the side of the field house and moseyed back to the…area where the flag’s supposed to be (because Atlas’ flag was located in I-Beams’s truck…in Dunwoody). Mary round-robin style was the order of things as the PAX performed approximately 25 counts each of the following: Parker Peters, Flutter kicks, ‘Merican Hammers and all 26 characters of the English Alphabet [all caps].


For obviously reasons, it didn’t take long to perform a PAX count-off, but, time was made to share any prayer requests and prayers were made for Darth Visor’s family as they continue to grieve his passing into glory. Upon reflection, it’s good to break from one’s usual routine and try something new.  That said, with as many new AO’s as have been launched recently, maybe it’s time to make a point in visiting a different one to see what kind of workouts some of our brothers are devising.  As always, I count it a privilege to lead such strong and honorable men whenever I can. Sprocket out.

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