When Visions Become Nightmares: Grown Men Seen Chasing Each Other at East Roswell Park

AO: The Gladiator

When: 10/09/2018

QIC: Viking

PAX (): Shrinkage, Postal (Respect), Brownie, Delicious, Grasshopper, Sox, Scar, Stroller, Zohan, Spandex (Respect), Manchester, Defcon2, Puddle Jumper, Viking

The Q-drenaline was running rampant again this morning. YHC woke up at 4:00 a.m., 30 minutes before planned. “Oh well, at least the nightmare is over.” YHC mumbled. Boy, was he wrong. The nightmare had just begun, but at least he wouldn’t have to go through this next nightmare alone.

Last night, YHC told The Gladiator PAX that he had no clue what he was going to be doing this morning when Q’ing, and that he was waiting for a vision to come up with something painful for us to mumble through together. Well the vision came in the form of a nightmare (apparently Brownie had a similar nightmare about YHC Q’ing this morning; you should ask him about it), and said nightmare progressed this way:


Mosey’d to the north pavilion.

20 SSH

15 Weedpickers

15 Hillbilly’s

10 Windmills


In reality, we were still “warming up,” as YHC wanted to make sure the PAX were completely taffy’d  out by the time we got to The Real Thang. Everyone got acquainted with a picnic table and performed the following:

20 step-ups

10 Big Boy  Situps

15 Dips

20 step-ups

10 Big Boy  Situps

10 Dips

Plank hold for the six in between, then we mosey’d to the main entrance of the Park.


Catch Me if You Can, Pilot Season. If there is one thing YHC hates, it would be a bunch of HIMs standing around doing nothing. Therefore, everyone partnered up and performed the following: One partner starts running back to the soccer field, while the other partner does 4 Jump Squats, then chases after the frontrunner. Back and forth we go, surely causing suspicious eyes to curiously wonder why grown men enjoy chasing each other so much.

Mary for the 6.

10 seconds of Balls-to-the-Wall JUST to make sure those shoulders were nice and toasty for the next exercise.

Catch Me if You Can, Season 2. This time, the Bear chases the Crab. Partner 1 starts crab-walking around the small soccer field, while the other partner completes 5 Big Boy Situps. When BBS is complete, Partner 2 bear crawls after the crab. Once the bear devours the crab, the roles reverse. Around the soccer field we go. This is where the mid-wife groaning began.

“Should we rinse-and-repeat?” YHC asks himself, but then responds: “Nah, let’s move on to some Four Corners.”

We moseyed to the other soccer field. YHC pulls out his cheat-sheet from his sweaty sock. The ink is all smeared and un-readable, but the nightmarish-like details had not faded from YHC’s memory. Everyone stays partnered up:

  1. Corner 1 – 10 Bropees
  2. Corner 2 – 15 Hail Mary’s
  3. Corner 3 – 15 Hail Mary’s (alternate partner)
  4. Corner 4 – 20 partner squats (in sync)

Running between the long ends of the rectangle and lunges on the short ends.

Rinse and Repeat, with these modifications:

  1. Corner 1 – 10 Bropees
  2. Corner 2 – 20 Big Boy Situps
  3. Corner 3 – 25 Monkey Humpers (DC2, our perennial Vice-Q, insisted on doing 30, so we allowed extra credit for him only)
  4. Corner 4 – 30 American Hammers

“Should we three-repeat?” YHC asks himself at 5:53 but then responds: “Nah, let’s do some more running.”

Indian Run around the soccer field and back to the flag. 2-3 minutes of Mary finished the PAX up, and the midwife-groaning (the REAL nightmare) finally ended.


YHC decided to do something different by putting some of the seasoned F3 veterans on the spot. Scar, Spandex, and Defcon2 all shared with us how they received their F3 names, and the mistakes they took in sharing too much information at their FNG name-o-rama.


  • Continue to pray for the Faile family (Randy Faile was Darth Visor). #OrangeForDarth
  • DC2 took the opportunity to share the important role that the F3 Community/Family has played in his life over the past few years
  • Grasshopper – his brother Gabe, who has cancer, was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia

2nd F Announcement:

  • Viking mentioned that his church (located on Crabapple Road in Roswell) is hosting a Fall Fun Fest on Sunday, October 21st from 3:00-6:30. This is a free event for the community. Bring your spouse and kids and enjoy free food, inflatable slide & bounce houses, carnival games, prizes, live music, and more. See this link for more info: https://roswellfunfest.weebly.com/

This is only my 3rd time being the Q, but I’ve enjoy each time a little more than the previous time! Thanks to my fellow PAX brothers for posting this morning and providing words of encouragement to each other.

Viking out.

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