Poison Must Have Thought Q Stood for Quadriceps

AO: Shadow - DHS

When: 10/09/2018

QIC: Poison

PAX (): Switch, Stripper, SnakeOil, Sleeper, Shredder, Seles, Poison, Manhole, FNG, Chain-Gang, Billboard

I am ghostwriting for Poison, well, because.

11 Brave Souls (including FNG and Shredder from NC) gathered for a Poison led beatdown sponsored by the QIC’s new favorite letter – Q (Quadriceps).

Warm-O-Rama: SSH (20/IC), Squats (15/IC), Warrior Lunge across the lot, SSH (15/IC), Squats (10/IC), Warrior Lunge across the lot

The Thang: Cherokee run up Vermack to Mt Vernon (St. Luke’s Pres.). (1/3 of the way up the run, Shredder pulled his ITB – ChainGang looked after him), plank waiting for TheSix.

Squat Jumps (15/OYO), Plank Extensions (15/IC), LBCs (15/IC) x2

Run – OYO -from SLP to Mt Vernon Way and back

Squat Jumps (10/OYO), Plank Jacks (15/IC), High Leg Raises (15/IC) x2

Run – OYO -from SLP to Mt Vernon Way and back

(There was a 3rd round of exercises, but I am blanking here)

Mosey back to the light at Mt Vernon and Vermack

Cherokee-run back down Vermack to DHS and straight to the Rock Garden aka The Pit of Misery. Grab a rock. OYO – Kettle Bell Swings / Overhead Press/ Step-Ups (20 and then 10).

Mosey to the picnic tables. 2 Sets of 10 Dips IC. Mosey to the parking lot and Bear Crawl across it. Final Set of SSH (15/IC).

COT – Manhole closed.

FNG – now Rat Tail. Prayers for Shredder and those in Florida.

Reminder – Blood Drive – St. Martins – October 16th – reach out to Snake Oil for info or just show up.

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