Girlfriends from the 80s invade The Widowmaker

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 10/06/2018

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Gingivitis, The Ocho, Pellets, Nacho Libre, Zohan, FNG Sculley, Turbine, Ha-ha

The girlfriends were bugging me last week. “How come you never take us out any more? Don’t you love us? We want to see your friends again!” Apparently the unseasonably warm weather has them crabby so I took them out to one of their favorite places: The Widowmaker!

With a rad 80s play list queued up in the Land Cruiser “Truck Norris” I ran back over to the flag to meet the HIM that would answer the call and leave the fartsack for the rolling hills of Webb Bridge part.

First on the scene was FNG Jay who was EHed by… well we are not really sure since he was not here and Jay only knew his hospital name and I’m old and forgot what he said. No matter, the rest of the crew started arriving and as the clock struck 0700 and the ruck crew was in we headed out to the trail and stopped by the bathrooms for… no not for that.  For warm ups!

  • SSH x20 IC
  • Weedpicker x10 IC
  • Copperhead Squats x15 IC

We mosied on down the trail to the parking lot just past the top of the Widowmaker. As we were running across the parking lot YHC heard the chatter behind “Do you see the Land Cruiser?” “No, not yet.” But low and behold it did appear at the far end of the lot and boy were the girls glad to see us! One for everyone with plenty left over. We paired off and started the “Musical Dora™”. PAX 1 does the prescribed exercise while PAX 2 runs down the lot to the steps, up the steps to the upper lot and back to Truck Norris to relieve PAX 1. PAX 2 then does the exercise while PAX 1 runs the loop. Continue with that exercise until the song changes. Exercises when like this:

Funky Cold Madina 04:09 Kettlebell Swing
China Girl 04:17 Squat Press
U Can’t Touch This 04:12 Hammer Curls
Panama 03:30 Squat w/ bag
Whip it 02:39 Overhead Press
Just What I Need 03:45 Sumo Deadlift
Love Shack 05:21 Skull Crusher
Super Freak 03:25 Lunge
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough 06:05 Merkins (no bag)

All went mostly as planned but Michael Jackson got impatient and jumped in front of the B52s. Nothing like Skull Crushers AFTER 6 minutes of Merkins!

Having finished our date with the girls we returned them to Truck Norris and ran down the Widowmaker:

  • Run 1/4 way up the hill and 10 LBCs and back to the bottom
  • Run 1/2 way up the hill and 20 LBCs and back to the bottom
  • Run 3/4 way up the hill and 30 LBCs and back to the bottom
  • Run all the way up the hill and 40 LBCs and plank for the 6

YHC made an audible and cut out the 3/4 run as time was running short. After we collected at the top we returned to the flag for Mary.

  • LBCs x20 IC
  • Box Cutter x15 IC
  • Nacho took us through Flutter/LBCs. (Yes, they are as bad as they sound)

3.5 miles all told for today. Didn’t see that long but time with the girlfriends just seems to fly by.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama and we named our FNG Sculley (Jay Stelling).


  • Prayers for Darth Visor’s family, friends and our Big Creek brothers
  • Alpha Convergence coming 10/20 to Wills Park.


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