Left | Right Balance

AO: Shadow

When: 10/04/2018

QIC: SnakeOil

PAX (): Manhole, Madoff, Cashbox, Sooner^

On Thursday 10/4 we met at Shadow (DHS) to do our thang:

  • Warm-a-rama: (old men have to start slow): 15 or 16 each x2:  Windmill, SSH, Merkins, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climbers
  • Mosey to Pit of Misery where we paired up.  Each picked a rock – although a few might have bordered on pebbles, so we set the smallest of the pair aside for later.   4 rounds each with partner:
    • GroupA: Bench press rock: feet flat, straight legs 6″ raised,  knees 90*, and leg scissors; 
    • While GroupB: took lap around entry area with half bear crawl and half run
  • Mosey behind school to flag pole for some Mary; IC each of 5 sets on left side and flapjack to right side:  horizontal toy soldier, planks (leg tap, shoulder tap), seated cross-overs, side plank crossovers, abs
  • Mosey back to pit and circle up with favorite rock.  IC 2 sets of each exercise balancing on left leg, then right leg; then rotating rocks:   spider merkins (minus rock), curls, step ups, tricep-press, 1-leg deadlift, shoulder press.
  • Mosey to picnic for 2 sets IC 10 dips.
  • Mosey back to parking lot for 5s of burpees and merkins OYO between the sidewalks.

First Q in a while must have scared away the regulars.  But 5 brave souls included Manhole, Cashbox, Madoff, and Sooner, who was visiting from Wrightville Beach NC.  Exceptions granted to Fizz and Leon who were holding their own session in London.

Manhole took us out with prayers for those travelling this holiday weekend and for Darth Visor and his family.

Wishing everyone a good fall break thanks to Mr. Columbus.


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