Braves ‘n Boulders

AO: The Wreck

When: 10/05/2018

QIC: Bronco

PAX (): Jackelope, Ariel, Smackdown, Rusty, Ponyboy, Swamp Donkey, Thumper, Bear, Circus, Haggis

Fall break and travel contributed to a slimmer crowd this morning but none-the-less YHC tried to give everyone a good sweatfest.  Looking to give the Bravos some good mojo the number 14 was popular (14 straight division titles).  11 Pax came ready for some pain and here’s how it all went down.


Quick mosey around the parking lot to wait for last minute stragglers then we Indian run to the back lot next to the field for the following:

  • 14 SSH
  • 14 Hillbillys
  • 14 Cotton pickers

The Thang

Every Pax directed to the rock pile for a “lifting” coupon for the following:

  • Mosey to the stairs next to the football field to run up – do 14 squats and run back down.
  • Rinse and repeat x4

Next stop is the football field for 4 corners.  To keep the Pax honest each go-round everyone directed to switch rocks with someone else.  These ranged from a piece of gravel to a piece of Stone Mountain.

  • 20 curls then run (with rock) to the next corner
  • 20 american hammers (with rock) then run to the next corner
  • 20 Genuines (squat + shoulder press) then run to the next corner
  • 20 Elf on the Shelfs then run to the next corner

After 4 completed corners we drop coupons and sprint to the other goal line and back for a mini “break.”

Repeato on the corners x3 until exhaustion and time hit.  Mosey back to the flag for some quick Mary-go-round and we’re all set.


Good crew at Crazy Love Coffee and Circus has a half-marathon bib coming up in Chattanooga for any takers.

Continued thoughts and prayers for the family of Darth Visor.  Such an incredible reminder of not only how precious life is but of the brotherhood that exists in this F3 community.

Bronco Out.

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