The Galaxy supporting #OrangeforDarth

AO: The Galaxy

When: 10/04/2018

QIC: Chelsea

PAX (): Wide Right, Yahtzee, Cha-ching, Bookie, Secret, Sparky, Babyface, Sprinkle,

YHC took the lead for the Galaxy beatdown so that the FLAG could be present for the convergence of our fallen brother. Prayers, love, and respect for his name, family, and brothers at Big Creek #OrangeforDarth.

To get the morning started right we skipped the warm-ups and went straight into YHC’s favorite intro. A nice, lengthy mosey.

The Thang
After completing the 1.2 mile mosey, we circled up on the lower field and started a round of Circle Burps. Feet chopping in place while we took turns calling the cue for the PAX to perform a burpee. YHC didn’t feel like we suffered enough with 9 PAX present. Rinse and Repeat.

Next we moved over to the steep staircase where we did 5 reps running up and down. Yahtzee earned a stripe by doing an extra set after passing the lead on his way up.

Running was the theme of the day so we met at the top of the large parking lot to do Flutter Kicks and Hammers. The catch here was after alternating reps of 15 FK/AH, the PAX were to run a short lap around the parking dividers.  AMRAP – we ran for a bit.

YHC called an end to the exercise and we moseyed again. This time down to the lower fields and back to the flag. Flutters for the 6.

Since we skipped our warm-ups at the start, we added them at the end.
SSH  x 15
Toy Soldier  x 15
Weed Picker x 15

All of this left YHC with about 5 minutes on the clock to which we were serenaded by AC/DC’s TNT.  The PAX took plank position (any form was acceptable after YHC was called out by Bookie ((who also was at his first Galaxy BD))) and with each “T-N-T” we patty caked with our partner. Lot’s of mumble chatter.

* Prayers for the family and friends of our brother Darth Visor. So glad the convergence was such a success. We all wish that we could have been there.
* Galaxy PAX traveling
* Lebanon is hosting a fall festival on Sunday, Oct. 21s for all. 3pm
* Hogwallow is fun. Hit me up if you have questions about it.

A pleasure to lead,

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