Cliché? A few of my favorite things….

AO: The Galaxy

When: 10/02/2018

QIC: Turbine

PAX (): Chelsea, Lowes, Sparky, Yahtzee, Percy, Cha-Ching, Sprinkle, Baby Face, Secret, Wide Right, Homer, Turbine

It was time to introduce the PAX at the Galaxy to some new exercises….and have fun with some of the classics.



  • Side straddle hop (IC) x 20
  • Weedpicker (IC) x 20
  • Windmill (IC) x 18
  • Baby and Big Arm Circles (OYO)


The PAX then start a mozy around the gravel loop with escalating (starting with 1) Hand Clap Prison Cell Merkin Burpees until we reached the fifth light. From there we made our way to the picnic pavilion.


The Thang:

The whiteboard weinke was in tow with three supersets of exercises in A.L.A.R.M. fashion. 30 of each exercise were performed with a lap around the full gravel loop after each superset. The PAX were gathered after each superset before proceeding to the next superset with LBCs, crunchy frogs and big boy sit ups.


  • ALARM 1: Shoulder Press, Bonnie Blair (single count), American Hammer (double count), Rockette Dip (single ct), Merkin
  • ALARM 2: Shoulder Taps (double ct), Squat Jumps, Peter Parker (double ct), Ranger Merkin, Makhtar N’ Diaye
  • ALARM 3: Burpee, Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift (double ct), Mountain Climber (double ct), Rockette Hillbilly (double ct), Pattycake Merkin


We caught the six on the last lap and headed back to the flag with 30 seconds to spare. Lowes called for flutter kicks until time expired.



Chelsea has “big things” moving into his remodeled first floor with promises of normalcy in the near future.


In his absence, the PAX attempted to voluntell TP that he would fill in for the Q on Thursday.



This backblast is making its way out a day late. It was tough hearing the news yesterday of Darth Visor’s passing. Without even knowing the guy it was evident from all of the remarks from F3 Alpha men on social media that he was truly a High Impact Man. TAP for Darth’s family and the PAX at Big Creek. It is easy and comforting to me to say that Darth is now walking with Christ, but I imagine that now, in these moments, this cannot offer a complete reconciliation of the harsh pain that his loved ones are feeling now. So, I pray for them to find peace.

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