Back to the Future!

AO: The Hooch

When: 10/03/2018

QIC: Sneakers

PAX (): Catfish, Scrooge, Sunshine, Boomer, Ball Boy, Ready Mix, Jimbo, Feathers, El Matador, Sneakers, Piggy, Splinter,

YHC was pleased to bring a birthday Q to the PAX of the Hooch.  In celebration of 45 years it seemed appropriate to do some Colt 45 and Bolt 45 exercises.




A quick mosey around the parking lot.  In cadence: Sprinkler, Windmill, Arm Circles, Copperhead Squat.


Mosey to the pool house at Perimeter Church to utilize a pile of cinder blocks as coupons.  


The PAX kept pace really well, so no stoppage for the Supermans and Back Planks that were being considered for the early run.


After retrieving coupons, the PAX was given their work for the morning.  Bolt 45’s to start. After each set of 15 squats, a run down the hill and Bernie Sanders back up for a set of bent-over rows with coupon in sets of 20-15-10 (equals 45!!), immediately followed by another set of squats.


Rinse and repeat.


Next order of business is polishing up the guns with some Colt 45s and corresponding Kettlebell swings in the same 20-15-10 rep counts.  For the sake of time, the run/Bernie Sanders was omitted.


With time running short, we head back toward the flag with an AYG across the parking lot for the final leg of the mosey to the flag.


MARY – American Hammer to 17 just to make the PAX think we were going to 45. 🙂

LBC Flutter Kicks, thank you Scrooge.



Prayers for sick family members, heavy work loads and the associated stress, prayers for the family and friends of DarthVisor who mourn his passing.

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