Rubinator – Gladicon Cinder Rub

AO: The Rubicon

When: 10/02/2018

QIC: Spandex

PAX (): Mayhem, (FNG) Chapter 11, DeVito, Pellets, Trebec, Kruger, Zima, Pitstop, Miller Time, Viking, Stroller, Tebow, Scar, Delicious, Sox, Manchester, DC2, Spandex

It was a great honor and pleasure to be back at The Rubicon to Q.  After all, it’s at The Rubicon where everything got started.  Without The Rubicon, there would be no Gladiator, or for that matter, there would be no AOs in Atlanta at all.  Thank you to the men at The Rubicon for hosting the men from The Gladiator!  We enjoyed our visit/takeover very much!

Being accustomed to a start time of 5:15, the men from The Gladiator showed up a little early this morning at The Rubicon.  There were several comments asking if we were in the right place and inquiring, “Where is everyone?”  As time progressed, the men of The Rubicon began trickling in with a great example of efficiency with JIT arrivals.  As it turned out, we had equal PAX representation with 9 from The Rubicon and 9 from The Gladiator.  A PAX of 18!!! Awesome!!!

YHC began the beatdown with a slow mosey around the parking lot including side shuffles both left and right, high knees, and backward mosey.  We then circled up for the Warm-O-Rama…


15 SSH

10 Windmills

10 Weed pickers

The Thang:

 After the warm-up, each PAX collected their very own cinder provided by Scar and Spandex.  We thought we should bring our own fun!  DC2 seemed very excited about this (sarcasm intended).  I’m pretty sure he wanted to see more of Wills Park and going on a tour with a cinder block just didn’t seem practical.

After we all collected our coupons, we Cusacked to the end of the parking lot to the stop sign and took a right.  From there we moseyed with our cinders to the corner of the parking lot for the first assignment.

Block Merkins and Squats:

We started by performing 5 merkins with one hand on the block, then walk over and do 5 more merkins with the other hand on the block.  We continued alternating sides until we completed 20 merkins total.  We then carried our coupons to the other end of the parking lot and performed 20 squats.

After completing 20 squats, we headed back to the other end of the parking lot for another set of block merkins and, then again, the PAX moseyed to the other end of the lot for 20 more squats.  The PAX then completed Bears & Blocks back to the other side of the lot.

Bears & Blocks:

Get on all fours (like you are doing a bear crawl) with your Cinder Block on the ground between your knees or feet. Reach between your legs and pull the Block across the ground past your head. Now, bear crawl forward until the Block is between your feet again, and keep repeating across the length of the parking lot.

Block Thrusters and Man Makers:

The next series of exercises were alternating thrusters and man makers with coupons. We started by performing 10 thrusters and then the PAX carried their coupons to the other end of the parking lot and performed 10 man makers.  Then we headed to the other end of the parking lot to do 10 more thrusters.  The last crossing of the parking lot involved another set of Bears & Blocks to finish the set.

We then moseyed with coupons to the hill next to the field of dreams.  The PAX lined up at the base of the hill with their coupons resting on the ground.  The next series of exercises were 11s.

11s – Jump Squats & Curls:

Start with 10 Jump Squats run up the hill with coupon and do 1 Block Curl. Leave block at top of the hill and run back down to do 9 Jump Squats.  Run back up the hill to do 2 Block Curls.  Continue this process until you reach 1 Jump Squat and 10 Block Curls.

After 11s, we had about 8 minutes or so until our time was up.  We all headed back to the flag to deposit our coupons.  Scar called “6 inches” while the six came in.  Once the six was in, we took a lap around the parking lot so Mayhem, MT, and Chapter 11 could show us all how fast they are!  We circled up again for some Mary.  After a couple of exercises, we took off for another quick lap around the parking lot.  We circled up once more for a few additional Mary exercises and then it was a wrap.



  • Convergence at Wills Park on Saturday, October 20th @ 7:00.
  • Honorary beatdown for Darth Visor at Big Creek on Thursday, October 4th @ 5:30.

Prayer Requests:

  • Sox’s brother is going through a hard time and could use our prayers.
  • Darth Visor’s family.


Thank you men of The Rubicon!!!

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