6 Stations of Hell


When: 10/02/2018

QIC: Leon

PAX (): Leon, Bean, Scout, Snake Oil, Manhole, Chain Gang, Poison, Moonshine

Fall seems to be slowly making it way to the Southeast, as this am was quite a bit cooler and with less humidity.  However, that did not stop YHC from attempting to administer a respectable beat down of the 7 faithful that showed.

With that Here’s the Thang:

Curb-to-Curb Work: Butt kickers, High Knees, Karaokes, Toy Soldiers, Side to side shuffles (each side to work the push off leg-that was why we flipped sides….Manhole)

Circle Up around Pole Light for:  IC x 15 –SSH, Squawkers, Stone Mountains, 1 Round of Grateful Dead, rinse and repeat, but 2nd round @ IC x 10 and 8 Merkins IC instead of Grateful Dead.

Line up and Cherokee run out to Far East exit of lot onto Womack turn right to light, then right up Vermack then right on Vanderlyn and back in the top lot back to the lamp post.

A quick tour of my 6 stations for the Pax then we split up and ran 90 sec intervals at each station.  Continue exercising both sets of exercises during the 90 sec time frame

Station 1: Lift High and Place then Mountain Climbers                                          Station 2: ABC’s then Burpees                                                                                          Station 3: SSH’s & Bent Row Rock lifts                                                                              Station 4: Run Stand Switch then Squat Thrusts                                                    Station 5: Merkin shifts then Mark Katherine’s                                                        Station 6: Toyota’s with 5 lb weight in each hand then Mason Twist with 10lb “Happy ball’

When 1 round was completed at the stations, mosey to top of stairs to football field. for 3 rounds of stair running (down and around flag pole then up and around no parking sign.

Mosey to wall for wall sits (tapping opposite legs) IC x 15, then Donkey kickers IC x 10.

Mosey back and split up at 6 stations for another round, but this time @ 45 sec intervals.

Ran low on time so we gathered around light pole for 5 Burpees– oyo.

COT-Prayers for Chain Gang’s former colleague looking for work, Snake Oil mentioned a blood drive at St. Martin’s.  watch for a follow up email with the details.

Snake Oil has Thursday Q, assume Seles is back in town and has Sat Q to resume his normal weekend beat down affair.

Manhole took us out.

Fizz and Leon are looking to post on Friday while we are both in London, will send pics!

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