THE Kenny Rogers

AO: The Wreck

When: 09/28/2018


PAX (): Turbine, Thumper, Swamp Donkey, Circus, Aflac, Squeegee, Foley, Bieber, Bear, Radar, Pony Boy, Divot, Mad Dog, DD

Anytime I start playing cards I get the great Kenny Rogers song, “The Gambler” stuck in my head.  I also think about how great Kenny Rogers Roasters was and lament on its demise, but I guess that is for another time or BB.  *Side note, you can actually still find KRR in Asia.  So it still lives on in countries where they have no idea who Kenny is, go figure.*  With my newly delivered F3 official card deck delivered it was time for a game of cards.  *Note if you are going to use these cards, read through them first.  They have several exercises that I had never heard of before in the deck.  For example-the Rosalita-Ab exercise done laying on back, legs raised to 90 degrees. Keeping legs perpendicular to ground, separate legs outward then return to start.*

The Thang:

Warm up:

  • 12 Weed pickers
  • 12 Peter Parkers
  • 12 Toy Soldiers


We moseyed about 1/3 mile to the football field.

Lined up on the sideline.

Rules for the card game:

Ace’s were 100 of the exercise listed on the card

Face cards were 25 of the exercise listed on the card

All other “Numbered” cards were the card number + 10.  For instance, 2=12 and 9=19 of the exercise listed.

All running distances were done to the opposite sideline and back.

One change to the normal deck of death routine.  There was a 5 minute timer, whenever it went off, you stopped your exercise and circled the football field.

We made it most of the way through the card deck but did not complete it.  To the dismay of many, the burpee card was not found.

Moseyed back to flag

Total distance was just shy of 2 miles running per Fitbit/Strava.


Performed by upcoming VQ’s until 6 was in.


  • Hogwallow trail run tomorrow at 7:15 at Oxbo. Note the time change by 15 minutes later due to the sun rise being later these days.
  • Recovery of Chelsea’s dad
  • Mad Dog’s new job start Monday
  • Coffee at Crazy Love


  • I-Beam, where are you man? Is it something I said?

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