The General Visits the Galaxy

AO: The Galaxy

When: 09/27/2018

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (): Sparky, Chelsea, Yahtzee, Virginia Slim, Botox, Aflac, Wide Right, Sprinkle, Baby Face, Blue, Secret, Grease Monkey

Remember when those Duke boys occasionally left their stomping ground of Hazzard and ventured into the neighboring Chickasaw county? There was always one bad-ass sheriff waiting for those boys on the other side of the county line. Well, we didn’t know what might be waiting for us down the road but we loaded up the General and all his friends and crossed the Cobb county line to hook up with Chelsea, Turbine and the good ol’ boys over at The Galaxy.

At 0530 (just as Chelsea was coming in in hot pursuit) we took of moseying for a lap around the field before making a quick warmup stop. SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Cotton Pickers and Windmills got us started. Another half lap around and up the stairs to the back parking lot where the Sweat Wagon was waiting with some cinders. Everyone grabbed a friend (full size I believe) and circled up in the parking lot for a little Deck of Death:

  • Clubs = Kettle Bell Swings with block
  • Diamonds = Thrusters with block
  • Spades = Derkins on the block
  • Hearts = Bent over rows with block

We finished the deck (YHC admitting a couple 10 count rests needed midway) and did another round for good measure. That’s 104 reps of each before the bonus round in case anyone was counting. Strong effort by the PAX.

We then headed back down the steps only to go right back up doing 5 calf raises on each step. YHC seriously considered a rinse and repeat on this one but figured it might get dicey halfway up.  So we moseyed over to the pavilion for a two-minute elbow plank hold, then moseyed back to the flag without a minute to spare.


Convergence coming up 10/20 (?). More details to come from AFLAC.

Q School Friday 9/28 @ The Wreck. 0510.

Prayers for those traveling.

That’s all for now. Until the next time them Wreck boys cross that county line. See y’all at the Boars Nest (aka Variant) this afternoon.

Possum on a gumbush. Grease Monkey out.

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