Fall Break at the Firehouse

AO: Firehouse

When: 09/27/2018

QIC: Fudd

PAX (): Fudd, Baker

As I pulled into the Firehouse this morning with only 30 seconds to spare there was only 1 PAX awaiting the beatdown. As the likely only 2 in Forsyth who are not currently in the state of FL Baker and YHC set off into the gloom….which in today’s case was about as humid as mid Summer with the rain that preceded our beatdown. Let’s Mosey!

Warm o Rama


Weed Pickers




The Thang

Eleven’s on the parking lot hill. Monkey Humpers at the bottom and Burpees at the top.

Now that we were nice and warm we moseyed to the top field for a variation on 4 corners.

50 reps of 4 exercises in one corner of football field with a full lap in between each exercise. Pain stations today were:


Big Boy Sit Ups


Crunchy Frogs

Mosey to the Pavillion for some quick circuit work:

20 Reps Box Jumps followed by 10 reverse crunches off the table

Rinse and Repeat.



Freddy Mercury’s

Box Cutters




Prayers for safety for those traveling.

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