A Child’s Card Game, Brought to Brutal Real-Life

AO: The Gladiator

When: 09/27/2018

QIC: Delicious

PAX (): Brownie, DefCon2, Wingman (Welcome Back!!), Manchester, Stroller, Moonshine, Tebow, Sox, Kegger, Shrinkage, Puddle Jumper, Delicious

So YHC had has VQ this gloomy morning.  Awake at 4am, out of bed at 20 til 5, and on to ERP to prep for his beatdown.  The theme in mind, a child’s card game called Crazy Eights.  Only this morning it was the Crazy Eights of Pain!

YHC arrives at the AO, takes his makeshift placards and places them in the soccer field at strategic points, then returns to the arrival point to find Scar delivering the shovel flag.  He mentions that he can’t stay, because he was drafted to Q the Rubicon this very morning.  YHC suspects he’ll be disappointed when he hears about the happenings here at the Gladiator.

In any case, the PAX (12 total, including YHC) begin showing up, and right on time we mosey to the pavilion, circle up and begin…

The Warm-o-Rama

  • 16 SSH
  • 8 Imperial Walkers
  • 16 Weed Pickers
  • Grab a Bench, and OYO, 24 Dips

Once complete, we mosey to the soccer field to do…

The Thang

Four Corners

YHC gathers the PAX and explains the routine, as follows.  Corners are the four points of the penalty area.

Corner One:

8 Burpees, 16 Leg Raises, 8 Monkey Humpers, then bear crawl to ..

Corner Two

8 Burpees, 16 Lunges, 16 Big Boy Sit-ups, then mosey over to ..

Corner Three

8 Burpees, 16 Leg Raises, 24 Merkins, then crab-walk to …

Corner Four

8 Burpees, 16 Lunges, 32 Bonnie Blairs, mosey back to Corner One, and Al Gore for the Six.

Four Hundred Meters

An OYO run around the perimeter, plus one more long side, placing the PAX on the opposite end, in preparation for…

Four Corners, Phase Two

This was a continuation of the first Four Corners, causing a little grumble from the PAX.  YHC was rather satisfied at the outcome.

Corner Five:

8 Burpees, 16 Leg Raises, 40 Merkins, then Crawl Bear to …

Corner Six:

8 Burpees, 16 Lunges, 48 Big Boy Sit-ups, moseying over to…

Corner Seven

8 Burpees, 16 Lunges, 56 Monkey Humpers, with a reverse crab walk to …

Corner Eight

8 Burpees, 16 Leg Raises, 32 Bonnie Blairs (can’t forget those), and for good measure, 64 LBCs.  Once complete, mosey back to Corner Five and OYO for the six.  Some PAX chose to do suicides to the 6, 18 and midfield points.

On completion of these eight corners, PAX did a total of eight exercises for 64 reps each.  YHC was pleased!!

Short on Time

After the PAX finished YHC’s “Crazy Eights of Pain”, we were a little short on time, so rather than do the other 400 meters as planned, the PAX moseyed back to the Flag for a final few minutes of Mary

  • LBC Flutters by Moonshine
  • Box Cutters by Defcon 2
  • Six Inches in the style of Scar, by Tebow
  • If I missed anyone, it wasn’t intended. YHC just can’t remember


Only significant announcement was the takeover at the Rubicon on Tuesday.  Most PAX will probably be there, but a few PAX have expressed their desire to meet up here at the Gladiator.  Best of Luck wherever you attend on Tuesday.

YHC thanked the PAX for their support of his VQ.  For his first one, YHC felt it was a success.  Unfortunately, with the lack of Spandex at this morning’s Beatdown, Tebow was a little disappointed at not getting his coffee after said punishment.

Delicious Out- SYITG

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