Mucho Starburst

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 09/22/2018

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Saint2O, Zohan, Pellets, Memento, Mayhem, Scar, Catfish, Devito

As Fall comes in, we return to a pre-dawn start for Widowmaker … now the temps and humidity just need to follow suit.  7 came out for the fun and we picked up Memento along the way.  We started with a short mosey around to the top of the parking lot by the trail and gathered for a warm-up:
Hill billies

The Thang

From there we headed down the trail past the bathrooms toward the pond.  I hadn’t seen my burpee-buddy Scar in a while, so I pulled a quick detour off into the parking lot for 2 rounds of a circle burp.  Now that hearts were pumping, we continued down the trial to the hill between trails for 15’s.  Squats at the top and SSH at the bottom, and 14 times up/down the hill.  With the six in, we moseyed down the trail over to the top of Widowmaker.  There we gathered for a couple minutes of Mary (flutter kicks, American hammers, etc).  I’m sure more than one was relieved as we waved goodbye to Widowmaker from the top and moseyed back over to the soccer field.  At this point we saw Memento and he joined in the mix.

We gathered in the middle of the field for a Mucho Chest-o starburst.  Run out to the 1st corner and do 25 wide-arm merkins, then return to the center.  Each return to the center was a 15 standard merkin toll.  Continue around the remaining corners with 25 diamond merkins at 2, back to center, 25 right hand offset merkins at 3, back to center, 25 left hand offset merkins at 4, and back to center.  Rinse and repeat, except this time for a Mucho Leg-o.  Squats in the center, sumo squats at 1, right leg lunge at 2, left leg lunge at 3, and one-leg squats at 4 (12 each leg – we’ll call these flamingos).  I must stop here and say the flamingos were a great idea.  Everyone was using the fence rail to try to keep balance, so we ended up looking like the ugliest ballet crew you’d ever seen.  All while the high school boys and girls cross country teams were gathering up at the pavilion over looking the field.  I’m sure we made a weird Snapchat post for someone.

Off the field and over to the rock pile.  We each picked a medium coupon and gathered up on the trail.  4 sets of 50 reps each – curls, skull crushers, shoulder presses and standing rows.  After each set of 50, run down the trail to the bathroom and back.  Rinse and repeat for another 4 sets, this time with 25 reps each.  Final 4 sets of 15 reps each with no running, then we dropped our rocks back to the pile and headed back to the flag.  We wrapped up the morning with round robin Mary.

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