Brownie VQ

AO: The Gladiator

When: 09/20/2018

QIC: Brownie

PAX (): Scar, Spandex, Moonshine, Puddlejumper, Kegger, Viking, Sox, Tebow, Delicious, Brownie

Excited to lead my first Q at the Gladiator and glad to have so much support from the group beforehand as well as during the workout. The group came prepared with their headlamps and whatever adventure necessitated those for the morning.


After a short mosey towards the tennis courts, we knocked out some SSH, Weedpickers, and Imperial Walkers before getting to business. I must admit that counting in cadence while leading warmup exercises is harder than it seems when you’re not the Q. I think I finally got my counting in order by the time we got to the walkers.

The Thang

After the warmup was done, we proceeded to the “coupon pile” near the courts to select the finest piece of GA granite we could find in the dark. After scrambling around and finding a suitable stone, we partnered up and headed up the hill. We then took turns with one partner beginning exercises at the top of the hill while the other ran to the stop sign at the bottom rock in tow. We did 100 reps of curls, presses, and kettle swings keeping a continuous count as we traded off.

Once done a quick trip down the hill to deposit our rocks and we were off on a run into the woods along the path to the library. No spider webs, sleeping toads, or other woodland creatures were harmed during this jaunt and we made it to the library safely as well. We found new partners and while one partner did dips until their buddy completed Bonnie Blairs (10, 20, and 15 reps) in alternating fashion.

We continued from there along the road towards the back of the park with a quick set of walking lunges from the stop sign to the Arts Center parking lot. However, since no one brought their puffy pens or pipe cleaners, we continued on through the wilderness frightening deer and an early morning dog park enthusiast until we reached the main parking lot.

That was where we discovered virtual water in the form of a merkin/derkin “waterfall” with all members of the Pax lined up along the curb. Starting on one end, while all others held a plank, each member of the group had their turn to do 5 merkins/derkins with the entire group joining in for the 5th rep in unison.

We still had some time left so we made our way back to the flag area where we did reverse shuttle and side shuffle runs through the various parking lot levels before finishing out the morning with some merry. Appreciate the contributions of all to the workout and merry at the end.


Prayers for Puddlejumper’s wife Cindy and Baby Puddlejumper as they near the home stretch of pregnancy and are experiencing some health challenges. Hopefully, the last 8 weeks will go smoothly and safely for all.


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