And the crowd goes wild

AO: Caney Creek

When: 09/20/2018

QIC: Saint2o

PAX (): Blindside, Mulligan, Greenhouse, Isotope, Biscuit Barn, Kramer, Schwartz, Whiz, Ha-Ha, Nacho Libre, Saint2o

Everything went according to plan this morning at Candy Creek. The NLB van pulled up with a solid load of PAX, to join those of us that were waiting. What a great group of HIMs! YHC had a plan put together, now YHC just had to execute. Here’s what happened:


Mosey down to the street and back to the end of the loop and circle up:

  • Side straddle hop
  • Weed pickers
  • Squats
  • Moroccan nightclubs (thanks, Whiz!)

The Thang:

Then we moseyed up to the top of the stairs for some fun. The deal was a mucho chesto around the loop, starting and ending at the top of the stairs. How that works is 10 merkins at each stop (5 total): regular, diamond, wide, left stagger, and right stagger. After we all made it around, we did it again, because everyone knows a mucho chesto is 100, not 50.

Next we moseyed to the bottom of the stairs. That is where YHC explained the P-A-I-N stairs. start at the first landing and do 5 of each exercise, then increase by 5 going up the stairs to the top where you are doing 20 of each.

P = Merkins
A = American Hammers
I = Iron Mike
N = Never Cross Dolly

Then after we all finished going up the PAIN stairs, we had to go back down again, starting with 20 each, and decreasing by 5 each landing until we got back to 5. Sweet!

Looked like we had some time, so we all partnered up and found some wall around the bathroom building. One partner experienced balls-to-the-wall (some for the first time) while the other partner timed (or counted) a minute while doing Al Gore. Two sets of this for each partner. Then head back to the flag and circle up


Seemed like we needed a couple more things to round out the morning, so we did some things I can’t remember, maybe flutter kicks and dolly?


Great job today, lots of prayers to raise up and hopes for the upcoming week.

It was a great experience to lead today, as always. YHC is proud to be out there with all these HIM!

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