100s and 100s and 100s OH MY! or… Fo’ Drizzle

When: 09/25/2018

Where: The Gladiator

The Pax: Sox, Moonshine, Viking, Delicious, Kegger, Grasshopper, Beauty, Puddle Jumper, Postal (respect), Defcon 2, Stroller, Scar, Manchester, Spandex (respect), Brownie

QIC: Tebow


The threat of rain didn’t keep the PAX sleeping late today as 16 men showed up eagerly awaiting to see what kind of coupon punishment was in store for them this morning… especially Viking… he was leaving the Q in the dust so the Q figured we would just warm up wherever he took us.


Mosey to the parking lot where the cops like to enjoy their donuts and circled up

  • Side straddle hop (16)
  • Hillbilly (16)
  • Weedpicker (17)…. Q wasn’t paying enough attention this morning to the count
  • A little cardio for Postal tracing the parking spaces to the back of the rec center, then a short mosey back to the flag to pick up our dates for the morning.

The Thang:

The Q decided that there had just been too much mumble chatter in his past Qs so he wanted to see if he could shut everybody up… I think it went well!  Usual thanks to DC2 for making sure everyone maintained form and protected the Q from litigation or vengeance Qs.

We partnered up w/ one coupon per team and moseyed to the turf-iron for a few rounds of team building.  After each round we did some planks, and air chairs and random cinder carries for the 6… it sounded like every man wanted to hit that century mark.

Round 1:

Partner 1 did 10 goblet squats while partner 2 did merkins, switched after the squatter did 10 reps until each man had done 100 squats.

One lap Indian Run for Recovery

Round 2:

Partner 1 did 10 reps of curls while partner 2 did lunges, switched after the curler hit 10 reps until each man had done 100 curls.

One lap Indian Run for Recovery

Round 3 – a steady downpour began to fall much to delight of the PAX as we willed it to get stronger, but it was just enough to cool us off a bit.

Partner 1 did 10 kettlebell swings while partner 2 did side lunges, switched after the swinger swung 10 reps until each man had done 100 swings.

One lap Indian Run for Recovery… Delicious led us out fast at the Qs urging but Moonshine made sure that we dialed it back so that everyone would get a chance to spring… he’s a thoughtful guy that Moonshine.

The Q had a lot more punishment in mind, but with time running short we had to head back to the flag… maybe next time.

Back at the flag Viking couldn’t wait to get the Mary started… the Q, delirious from couponing can’t remember what all we did, but I’m sure it was awesome.


Lots of people to pray for this week. Postal’s mom is struggling with Alzheimer’s and we need to keep her and Postal’s family in our prayers as they manage her treatment.  Sox’s brother Darren (sp?) has been battling some depression and we need to lift him up in our prayers for peace as well.  Brownie’s father was in a car crash, sounds like he is just a little banged up, but not too bad.  We will continue to pray for our neighbor on Fox Grape in Mayfair that passed away, Kegger’s been helping out John’s fiancé where he can.  I think there was one more, my apologies for not remembering, but let’s just lift up each man’s prayer requests, spoken and unspoken as we go about our week.

Convergence, takeover, whatever you want to call it ONE WEEK FROM TODAY (I think… I got it wrong like 4 times) at the Rubicon.  There will be a big ol’ convergence somewhere on 10/20 as well… sounds like it will be a pretty big party!


Also, VQ from Delicious on Friday! Can’t wait to see what the marine has in store for us!

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