Catch Me If You Can….Indians and Clowney’s

AO: The Rubicon

When: 09/20/2018

QIC: Zima

PAX (): Lundberg, Jackalope, Tophat, Devito, MillerTime, I-Beam, Pitstop, Waffles, Krueger, Bo Knows, WarEagle, Zima

As the night before my scheduled Q at The Rubicon was upon me, I found myself searching the exercise database for something new.  And something new I found….12 lucky PAX showed up to see what I found. (Including WarEagle joining us from New Orleans)


After a mosey to the parking lot by the Wills Park pool we ran through the following exercises:  SSH, Hillbilly, Weedpicker, Mountain Climber and then a Devito favorite – the Circle Burp (since he loves burpees)

The Thang

After the warmup, we set up for the first exercise — Catch me if you can.   We started at the west end of the baseball field walking path and went all the way to the other side.  Partner 1 started with 5 burpees while Parter 2 ran backwards.  Once Partner 1 finished their burpees, they ran to catch their Partner.  Partner 2 did their 5 burpees while partner 1 ran backwards.  Rinse and Repeat until we got to the end.  Mary for the 6.

Next a real brief mosey to the middle of the “dog park” area.  All pax lined for a AYG sprint to the end of the field then to the rec building on the other side of the dog park.  At the wall, it was time for one of the new exercises I hadn’t seen or done before — The Crazy Indian.  All pax line up across the wall of the building getting ready for BTTW.  Once in BTTW, the first man at the end of the wall runs to the end of the line of PAX assuming BTTW.  Then the second man drops down from BTTW and runs to the end.  Rinse and Repeat until we went from one end of the wall to other.  Once at the end of the wall, well….we had to go back to where we started so…rinse and repeat.  After a 10 count it was time for an Indian Run around the dog park for 2 laps.  Then to the planters.

Once at the planters it was time for the second new exercise — The Clowney.  Named after the South Carolina DE Jadaveon Clowney and his uniform number (7).  The clowney is 7 rounds of 4 rep count split jacks/jump lunges/bonnie blair’s (in cadence) and then 4 rep count merkins (in cadence).  Once we had fun with that it was time to mosey to the rock pile.   Once there, each PAX grabbed a coupon & circled up and each performed an exercise of our choice (10 rep count  – some decided on 15).  Once everyone had a chance to pick one exercise we returned our coupons and mosey’d to the pavilion for a brief 2 rounds of partner dips before heading to the flag.


Every Tues at Roswell High School – All coupon beatdown at The Atlas.  Meet at the parking lot by the football field.

Prayers for Tophat’s father-in-law for a quick recovery and for him to make it back home.  Prayer’s for those recovering from Hurricane Florence.

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