A morning of firsts!

AO: The Galaxay

When: 09/20/2018

QIC: Lowes

PAX (): Percy, Chelsea, Yahtzee, Wide Right, Cha-Ching, Sparky, Secret, Robinhood, Babyface (FNG), Blue, Headhunter, Tweaker

After a night of light sleep, your’s truly was eager to lead my FIRST beatdown at The Galaxy! How many times do you have to Q before you don’t have the jitters of oversleeping??? It was also a special day because I not only got to welcome another of my fellow Home Depot associates to his FIRST beatdown, but I had the privilege of inflicting the pain and giving him his FIRST dose of the DRP. Welcome Babyface (not to be confused with Babyface in the Cherokee Region – oooooops)!

After a quick disclaimer, we proceeded to warmup with the following:

SSH x 15, Weedpickers x 15, Copperhead Squats x 15

The PAX then moseyed around the park one time, and then headed to the pavilion for some fun which included Step-ups and Dips in increasing fashion!

Step-ups x 15 (each leg)

Dips x 15

Step-ups x 20 (each leg)

Dips x 20

Step-ups x 25 (each leg)

Dips x 25

The PAX appeared to have had enough of that, so we commenced another mosey around the park before making our next stop at the Playground for 11’s featuring Pull-ups and Monkey Humpers! Cue the groaning and grunting. Unfortunately Devito was not there to provide the monkey humper sound effects… Planking, Flutters and Dying Cockroaches were done for the six.

The PAX then headed over to the tall staircase for what was The Galaxy’s FIRST (I think) ascent up the staircase by way of calf raises! Starting with one at the bottom, the PAX increased the rep count by one with each step up and started back over each time we got to a landing.

Having reached our destination of the upper parking lot, it was time to partner up for a Pyramid featuring LBC’s and Partner Shrugs (Chelsea and I demonstrated this one since it was a FIRST for all except me since I recently submitted this one to the F3 Nation – check out the exicon, it’s there! – partner one planks while partner two grabs partner one’s ankles and does shoulder shrugs using their partner as weight, then flapjack).

LBC’s x 10

Partner Shrugs x 20

LBC’s x 30

Partner Shrugs x 40

LBC’s x 50

Partner Shrugs x 40

LBC’s x 30

Partner Shrugs x 20

LBC’s x 10

After we had had about all of the shrugging we could take, we did a quick mosey around the parking lot and then headed back to the flag for some Freddy Mercury, Air Squats and, just for fun, Bonnie Blairs!


Praises that MadDog accepted a new job offer and that Chelsea’s dad is doing well enough after his strokes to get up and do stupid things like climbing a ladder! Continued prayers for those affected by Florence.

P.S. – One final FIRST from today was the first confirmed occurrence of a PAX splashing merlot during or following a beatdown that I led! Guess it must have been a good one! Muahahaha!!!!!!!



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