The 6 Is In

AO: The Wreck

When: 09/19/2018


PAX (): Circus, Foley, Crab legs, Doogie, Aflac, Divot, Zima, Sprocket, TP, Jackalope Krispy, Raider, Mad dog, Hosen, Swamp Donkey

Since it was my Birthday Q, I decided to honor the men who are often with me.  I refer to us as Defenders of the 6 and so with a lot of help from Circus, made shirts for my fellow defenders of our backsides.  As you know, if we are ever ambushed one day, it will be the 6 that likely knows first.  So today’s workout was to honor the 6 by making everyone who finished early do Side Startle Hops while the 6 finished.  Just days shy of 39, all exercises were done 39 times, sometimes in sets of 13 –  3 times.

Warm up:

  • 13 Weed pickers
  • 13 Imperial Walkers
  • 13 Toy Soldiers

The Thang:


We moseyed about ¾ mile to the parking lot beside the football fields.  Along the way we performed the following exercises.  After each, we SSH for the 6.

3 sets of 13 Merkins

3 sets of 13 Jump Squats

3 sets of 13 Wide arm Merkins

39 LBCs

39 Big boy sit-ups

Obtained coupons from the drainage ditch.

39 of the following:

Skull Crushers



Shoulder presses

Then we repeated these once more.

Moseyed to the hill.

Everyone partnered up.  One partner ran up the hill but did not go “over the hill”.  The partner at the top of the hill did 13 Burpees while the partner at the bottom did squats.  Each partner switched out running up the hill and doing Burpees until each had done 39 burpees.  SSH for the 6.

Moseyed to the wall.

39 total step ups alternating right and left leg

39 dips

Moseyed to flag


Dyeing Cockroach

Low Dolly’s

Freddy Mercuries

3 other exercises were performed


  • Crab legs has the Q on Friday
  • Several job changes/positions for PAXs which was great
  • Prayer request for Florence victims still affected by the storm and a baby ultrasound
  • Coffee at Crazy Love
  • 3rd F at Crazy Love tomorrow morning with Sprocket
  • Thanks to Circus for helping me create the “6 is in” shirts. In fact, I shouldn’t say “helping” me.  I guess I was the money and he was the expert, labor, and doer, but I appreciate his willingness and selflessness.  I will say the last process requires ironing, and my wife seeing me iron might create future problems for me.  Before now, there was no proof I understood the concept.

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