A Pride of PAX

AO: The Rubicon

When: 09/18/2018

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (): Devito, Special K, Zima, Lumberg, Pellets, Krugar, Trebec, Pitstop, Cookie

Double dose of Mayhem this week, as YHC forgot he signed up for this Q back in July! No worries, as a strong group of PAX showed up looking to fight the gloom.

The Warmup

12 SSH, 12 Windmills, 12 Weedpickers around the big American flag.

The Thang I

Reupped one of my faves from a Nacho Led Q–PAX lined up in the pool parking lot.  OYO, each person would run to the first divider and complete 2 Iron Mikes, and run back to the start.  The PAX then proceeded to the next divider for 4 Iron Mikes. Pattern continued across the parking lot up to 12 reps, then back to the start and Mary for the 6.  Rinse and Repeat, but with Star jumps. Crew did an great job of sticking together through this one.

The Thang II

Mosey over to the FOD for a Nature Walk (copyright)—Starting at home plate, Bear Crawl to first, Crab Walk to second, Duck Walk to third, and Cheetah Sprint home.  For a little extra fun we did the second set in reverse!

The Thang III

For the finally we moseyed over to the playground.  Splitting into 3 groups, and for as long as time permitted,  we rotated through 3 stations 5 Pull ups, 10 Swerkins, and 15 Squats.




Prayer for everyone effected by Hurricane Florence.  If you’d like to help, I’ve linked F3 Cape Fear’s Go Fund Me page here: https://www.gofundme.com/f3-cape-fear-hurricane-relief

Time to step up! Go check out the Q sheet and find a date that works for you.

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