When: 09/17/2018

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Meadowlark, Splinter, Zohan, Moonshine, Piggy, Sunshine, Jimbo, Feathers, Boomer, Redi-Mix, El Matador, Scrooge, Popper (FNG), Simba

15 strong PAX hit Monday morning between the eyes with a #sweatfest at the #hooch.  One FNG in tow through a myriad of stuff.  YHC had a plan, but decided to be more fluid in approach.  However, we did get to most of it.  The hard part about being fluid is trying to remember everything we did.

Oh well…here goes to the best of YHC’s recollection:

Warm UP:

  • Mosey lap with some butt kickers, high knees, and side shuffles
  • Circle up for some Merkins, Copperhead Squats, and Imperial Walkers- 10 IC
  • Mosey towards the church, then stop for some SSHs- 10 IC


  • Halted at the Field and made a line facing the church
  • The PAX at the end made his way to the front weaving through the group
  • The group would do fast feet, high knees, or butt kickers as the waited for their turn.
  • We traversed the field and stopped at the parking lot for Stop 2

Stop 2:

  • Suicides, using the islands
  • 5 Mike Tysons at the start of each round
  • 6 reps of Bonnie Blairs for the first round at the closest Island
  • 10 reps of Bonnie Blairs for the second round at the middle island
  • 14 reps of Bonnie Blairs for the third and furthest Island
  • 5 Mike Tysons at the end for good measure..plank work for the six…then mosey to the adjacent lot

Stop 2:

Partner Catch Me if You Can (in the adjacent lot)

  • Partner A 5 burpees
  • Partner B runs backwards somewhere in the lot
  • Partner A looks up and then catches partner B
  • Switch
  • 4 minutes of this fun…

Circle Up or Downs

  • PAX make a large circle and fast feet
  • The “Call” rotated from PAX to PAX in a clockwise rotation
  • They could call either “Up” and everyone would jump or “Down” and everyone would burpee
  • 2 rounds of fun here, with some Arm Circles thrown in for good measure between rounds

Stop 3:

  • Mosey over to the Chapel for some Bernie Sanders hill work (plenty of mumblechatter at this point)
  • Down and Up (backwards)
  • Down and Up (backwards) and Down and Up (backwards)
  • Indian Run back towards the flag for Stop 4

Stop 4:

Back to the big starting parking lot for Lt Dan’s

  • 1 x 4 ratio of Squats to Walking lunges…all the way up to 10 and 40

4MOM– Jimbo, Zohan, and Moonshine Led the way

Name-o-rama…Dan, our FNG, gave us the skinny and we settled on “Popper” for his love of the harmonica.  He was smoked but promises a return visit.

COT: Thanksgiving for Zohan’s wife’s culinary achievements,for Piggy’s 13 years of marriage (with the same M!).  Prayers for Moonshine’s reentry in to the work.  Prayers for our leadership in general.

Jimbo grabbed the flag so look out Wednesday!

As always, thankful to lead and be led by this group of men!  WELL DONE



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