Keep them moving

AO: The Wreck

When: 09/17/2018

QIC: Squeegee

PAX (): Swamp Donkey, Haggis, Zima, DeVito, AFLAC, Pony Boy, Divot, Crablegs, Switch, Blue, Sparky, Bronco, Grease Monkey, Raider, Hattrick, Jackalope

YHC had mistaking all weekend thought that today I was switching my Q spot with AFLAC on Friday.  AFLAC found pulled my head out last night and explained the difference between Sept 17th and Sept 24th to the calendar challenged.  As 5:30 approach the F3 karma arrived also and our real scheduled Q Chelsea had not arrived.  Since I already planned a beat down we were ready to go.

Warm Up :

17 PAX moseyed up to the upper parking lot for a quick round of warm-ups.  After the disclaimer we got it started with:

  • 15 SSH
  • 12 Toy Soldiers
  • 12 slow Weed Pickers

The Thang:

YHC was jumping on a plane to Europe later in the day so his plan was to keep everyone moving as much as possible today and burn off some energy so I could enjoy some lovely coach catnapping later this evening.

  1. Moseyed over to the hill and ran down to the bottom.  Started off with a quick round of sevens with Squat Jumps at the bottom and Merkins at the top.  To mix it up we Bernie Sandered up the hill.  We finished at the top and planked for the six.  I was able to talk Crablegs into taking my Q spot this Friday.  Look out boys!
  2. We then moseyed down to the football fields for some sprint work.  We started off with some wind sprints as a group.  10 and back, 20, 30, 40 and 50.  We then did a quick round of sprints with exercises.  25 yards and back with 25 Merkins, 50 yards and back with 50 LBCs and 100 yards and back with 100 American Hammers.  YHC asked AFLAC to do butterflies to his confusion as he finished.   AFLAC had to help me out with the basics (2nd time in 24 hours) and correctly name flutter kicks.
  3. Next we moseyed over to the rock pile and everyone got a coupon.  Headed to the baseball field and got in a tight circle for a round of jack webs.  YHC explained we would do jack webs(1:4 Merkins to shoulder presses – all the way to 10 Merkins) with the coupons and then pass to the right.  Fully expected AFLAC to get a coupon that weighed the same as a teenager.   Lots of mumblechatter though as we all tried to figure out who brought the other boulders to the party.  I told Divot what I was planning on my way over if I would of had the Q so wasn’t surprised to learn afterward he brought the biggest boulder of them all.
  4. We returned the coupons to the pile and headed back over to the hill for another round of sevens to end it off.  This time we did Donkey Kicks at the bottom and Carolina Dry Docks at the top.   Spared the group and we ran up forward for this round.

Plank at the top and then headed back to the flag for a few rounds of Mary to end it out.


Prayers for Cheslea’s dad in his recovery and the victims of Florence.  Several PAX are traveling this week and prayers for the M’s holding the fort down.

Prayers for us to continue to support each other and our mission to move forward as men in our communities.

Always an honor to lead.


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