No “I” in TEAM

AO: Rubicon

When: 09/13/2018

QIC: Pitstop

PAX (): Trebeck, Special K, Zima, Miller Time, Pellets, Kruger, Mayhem, Bo Knows, Jackalope, The Ocho, Waffles, Swingline

YHC was proud to step up and VQ at the Rubicon this morning.  Waffles woke up early to provide support, assistance, and his soccer cones.


14 PAX showed up in the humid gloom.  Waffles turns 11 this weekend (and his soccer number is 11), so it was announced that we would work in multiples of 11.


After a warm-up mosey around the parking lot the pax met Sally Up’s sister ROXANNE (Sting is a nice chill way to start the day).


The Thang
The theme for the day was TEAMWORK.  The pax were divided up into two teams and each were issued a 25lb coupon to enhance their joy for the morning.  The coupons would accompany each team all morning.  Moseyed to the horse field.


At the Horse Field the pax completed 11 Team Push-Ups (feet on the shoulders of the man behind you).  YHC could tell from the joyful noises that the pax LOVED these.  22 flutter kicks followed, and then a recovery mosey.


Back to the Horse Field for Indian Push-Ups as the combined teams progressed across the field one push-up at a time.  Unless my eyes deceived me Waffles hefted the mighty Pellets and set an example for us all.


The Other Thang
Off to the Horse Parking Lot for partner wheelbarrows and carries.  The pax loved building up their pecs for the remaining days of swimsuit season.


Needing more quality time with the coupons, 2 pax from each team worked together to haul the coupons to the top of Peanut Hill.  The remainder did merkins, LBCs, and lunge walks in support.


Moseyed back to the Flag for more teamwork with “22” (4 count side straddle hops, audibly counting to 5 and then a silent count to 22.  The goal is to finish in sync).  At least one person (YHC) screwed up and the pax did 11 burpees as penalty.  Repeated 22 with success (besides, it wouldn’t have been fun to get it right the first time!)


The primary prayer topic at the COT was everyone affected by Hurricane Florence.


Happy to lead – thanks for putting up with my crazy ideas!


Thanks to Zima and MillerTime for supporting with prompts and suggestions to help us all survive my VQ!

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