Jokers run wild

AO: The Galaxy

When: 09/13/2018

QIC: Turbine

PAX (): Sprinkle, Headhunter, Swinger, Secret, Blue, Tweaker, Blart, Lowes, Wide Right, Percy, Sparky, Turbine

Another day and another chance to get out and lead the great men of The Galaxy. It was good day to go into the stable of past beatdowns and make sure the plan would result in some good mumble chatter.


YHC led a slow lap around the fields up to the upper parking lot where we would hang for the morning.



  • Side straddle hop (IC) x 15
  • Windmill (IC) x 15
  • Imperial Walker (IC) x 20
  • Mountain Climber (IC) x 20


The Thang:

Jokers were wild this morning with Deck of Death. And every Deck of Death needs something that will really suck (= mumble chatter)….today it was burpees.

  • Club = Air Squats
  • Hearts = Big Boy Sit-Ups
  • Diamonds = Diamond Merkins
  • Spades = Burpees
  • Jokers = Pax’s call…we had LBCs, Plank and Flutter Kicks


After every time through the circle of Pax we did a lap around the parking lot. Total of 4 laps taken.


Timing worked out perfect. We finished the Deck of Death and mozy’d back to the flag (or at least where the flag is normally planted) and had 30 seconds to spare for Dying Cockroach.



Welcome to Swinger from the Lowcountry region. Keep the folks on the coast in your thoughts Florence arrives today.

Prayers for Chelsea’s dad and his critical health condition.

Blart provided a great piece of advice that is working for him – focus on doing one small, positive thing in your marriage every day.

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