Launching into The Galaxy

AO: The Galaxy

When: 09/11/2018

QIC: Turbine & Chelsea

PAX (): Virginia Slim, Blart (FNG), Sprinkle (FNG), TP, Cha-Ching (FNG), Blue, AFLAC, Secret (FNG), Bronco, Tweaker (FNG), Lowes, Robin Hood (FNG), Headhunter, Circus, Wide Right, Sparky, Percy, Yahtzee, Chelsea, Turbine

Although there were numerous planning discussions, checklists, Twitter campaigns, and such, the AO launch jitters were definitely still there. What kind of turn out would we have? Would people know where to park? Would YHC blow it counting cadence? (It’s been done before and DD can attest to that). But off we went on our latest adventure to wrangle up the sad clowns of East Cobb and help get them right.


A welcome was given and proper disclaimer provided. Chelsea led us on a slow mozy with a lap around the loop to the dry creek bed to collect some coupons. Now, during scouting of the AO YHC had not considered that the dry creek bed was not just ornamental but had been put in that location for a purpose – today the coupons were collected from a bog. With coupons in hand, Chelsea led us to the field beside the playground for a warm-up.



  • Side straddle hop (IC)
  • Weed picker (IC)
  • Peter Parker (IC)


The Thang:

With the coupons in tow, the PAX were led to the upper parking lot for a Dora 1-2-3. This consisted of partnering up for 100 x skull crushers, 200 x curls and 300 x shoulder presses – while one partner ran the length of the parking lot, the other played with their coupon; switching between hill runs and coupon reps. The early finishers got some flutter kicks, American Hammers and a few other (apparently unmemorable) Mary exercises in while waiting for the six.


Coupons were then redeposited in the bog and the Pax were led back to a dry spot on the field for a modified Jack Webb. 4-count flutter kicks and LBCs were combined to get abs burning. It certainly did the trick for YHC. Counts were escalated from 1 x 4 count flutter + 4 x LBC, 2 + 8, 3 + 12… 10 + 40.


Another lap was made around the lower part of the park and then Chelsea called time six minutes early. This early end to the beatdown did not go unnoticed and some mumble chatter ensued. But it was good foresight by Chelsea because we would otherwise be needing serious stoppage time to get together quality names for the 6 FNGs.




  • Blart
  • Sprinkle
  • Cha-Ching
  • Secret
  • Tweaker
  • Robin Hood



It is honor to work with Chelsea to expand F3 to new parts of town and help men get right. Today we honor those that we lost 17 years ago in one of the most tragic and heroic days our country has ever seen. It is difficult to understand the courage it would have taken to go into a burning high rise or ambush attackers on a hijacked plane in order to save people they may have never known. So, today I reflect on the indelible images on my mind of the World Trade Center 17 years ago and focus on how I might live with courage such that I may make an impact on people I may never know.

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