AO: Rubicon

When: 09/11/2018


PAX (): Devito, Special K, Cookie, Pitstop, The Ocho, Trebek, Laettner, Mayhem, Pellets, Foghorn (Kotter), Krueger

Having a bday on 9/11 hasn’t been the best situation for the last 17 years but some things such as these are not in our control.  What is in our control is offering a good themed beatdown to our fellow brothers in the gloom.  One that makes them curse at you for being so damn old (Cookie).

Today we started with 43 lunges from the flag, a 1/4 mile mosey and 43 OYO SSH, 1/4 mile mosey and 43 IW, 1/4 mile mosey and 43 mercans.  A Warm up complete we had reached the top of Brokeback Mountain.  Some recent chatter about Ferrrari hill got this Q interested in a rarely visited locale.  A long hill with a steady incline that gets steep at the end.  Last time we were there for DC2’s Bday Q, we did partner carries up the hill and my partner was Peanut.  That didn’t end well so today could only be better!

Down to the bottom we grouped up for the following:
43 pike push ups, to the top for 43 Sumo Squats
43 something (memory going) to the top for 43 Squat Jacks
43 2 count flutters, bear crawl halfway, backwards run the rest to the top for 43 Buzz Saws
Back to the bottom where we brought back a crowd favorite – Burpee Broad Jumps (43 of them making progress towards the top).

An Indian Run brought us back around the Perimeter of the park to the Flag where we had just enough time for a lil’ Mary (6 inches)

A reminder to remember all those who lost their lives in the worst terror attack in our Nation’s history 17 years ago today.
Praise to Trebeck and The Ocho for their consistent posting.

How you know when it’s time to modify the plan….Halfway up Ferrari Hill during the Bearcrawl, to look back and see almost everyone modifying to a lunge walk.  It was Pitstop’s idea so we maybe should be scared for Thursday

Kotter Alert – Foghorn in the house – Much appreciate his post for my bday Q.

Cookie with the win for Apparel.  Atlanta United jersey with the American Flag!

Welcome to Laettner – Visitor from somewhere I forget (old, memory shot) who will be here a number of times in the coming months on business.

Always fun to lead this group!

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