Let’s Play Some Cards

AO: The Rubicon

When: 09/06/2018

QIC: Zima

PAX (): Miller Time, Devito, Pitstop, Jackalope, Trebek, Fishhook, The Ocho, Pellets, Zima

As I decided on what to do, I asked the question:  “What haven’t we done in awhile at The Rubicon.”  Being that I was headed out of town the next day and flying through Vegas I couldn’t help but think we haven’t seen a deck of cards in awhile.   As Miller Time once put it:   “Zima, you’re my man with the move quotes.”  So with said, to quote Teddy KGB from the movie Rounders “Let’s Play Some Cards


At 0530 we set out on a mosey to the parking lot by the Wills park pool for a warm up.  SSH, Hillbilly, Weed Picker and Mountain Climbers.  11, 10, 11, 10 which = 21 BLACKJACK!

The Thang

Mosey to the planters just to the east for a quick round of three exercises in cadence.  When you play poker a decent hand is when you have trips of the same card.  In this case, next we have trip D’s.  As Derkins, Dips, and Drydock derkins.  The rep count was 7 each, 3 rounds of 7 = 21 BLACJACK

Next, we mosey to F.O.D. where it was time to play some cards.  This deck was a special one with only diamonds and spades. In some games of poker, the winning hand has to have “Jacks or Better” So for every diamond pulled in was SSH (jumping jacks) and for every spade Plank Jacks. For every joker pulled it was a lap around the field oh and if someone happened to draw an ACE after the previous card pulled then it was 21 reps of your choice.  Devito happened to get BLACKJACK 2x so that equalled burpees.  The other two rounds of 21 were American Hammer.  Once the deck was through a brief Indian run out of the field to the adjacent restroom building.

We wrapped up the beatdown with “last man standing” AKA the last man at the table at the World Series of Poker.  Last man standing meant Balls to the Wall until failure.  Finally a mosey back to the flag that was a combo of running backwards and karaoke.  Once at the flag a few rounds of Mary and then wait…..the flag fell over so 13 more burpees and THEN we were done.


New AO launch week of East Cobb Park.  Miller Time has Q Tuesday- be sure to wear your best sleeveless or patriotic clothing

Prayers to those suffering from illness or injury.

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