Lactic Saturday

AO: Widowmaker

When: 09/08/2018

QIC: Pellets

PAX (): Miller Time, Devito, Zohan, Simba, Cookie, Saint2O

Let’s go.  YHC loves a good impromptu planned workout and this morning started by being unable to find my watch and grabbing my wife’s sleek and slender model on the dash out the door.  Mentally reviewed the workout over the 10 minute drive to W Bridge and knew after a comment the other night from my 5 year old daughter that Dad’s chest was soft it was time to hammer the pecs.  Quick disclaimer and then a quick mosey to the top of the Widowmaker to start our time together.


  • Weed Pickers
  • Hillbilly

The Thang

After warm-up we headed to the belly of the beast and started our gig.  Begin by running up the hill for a Mucho Chesto and then back down to the bottom and hit another Mucho Chesto.  The plan was to hit total of 5 Muchos for a total reps of 250 but with lactic building and only 12 minutes into workout made the call to cap it at 200 and gather for the Six at the top of the hill.  Bonus sprinkled in along the way was 5 Burpees on the way up at the manhole and same spot back down for another 5 Burpees.

Mosey back to the flag and plan was to hit the coupon pile..but when your going on the fly sometime you adjust and see who you can confuse including yourself. on hold we hit the field and starting at the sideline we bear crawled to the first goal box line and then broad jumped to the other side of the goal box.  From there back to the bear crawl all the way to opposite sideline and hammer out 25 Merkins.  Back across the field doing the same routine.  After a standing 7 count Miller Time leaned over and said “you know we can still hit the Coupons man.”

Back to the adjacent Coupon Pile we gathered at the bottom of a small but aggressive hill and it was time for the guns to experience the Lactic sensation.  We performed 3 X 50 Hammer Curls at the bottom of the hill and 20 flutter kicks at the top with a 2 count.

Mosey to the stadium steps for our final exercise pairing and we split into groups for a Dora 1-2-3.

100 Box Jumps, 200 Dips, 300 Squats.

One partner does a quick running loop while other works through Dora.

2 minutes to go and a swift mosey back to the flag and Devito was calling for more Merkins and Saint2O let me know his more manly watch showed 7:59 so we powered through another 20 Merkins to close out our work.


  • Congratulations to Simba and M expecting their first child.  My man is also starting a life coaching business and gotta love the character building he’s taking on to attack life that I know his F3 brothers are proud of.  Refer your fellow F3 bud if know anyone that can use his help to goal set and achieve greater success in life however you define.
  • Prayers for Zohan’s wife as she is having shoulder surgery and will be in recovery for a couple months.  We know how much our M’s do for the family and prayers for Zohan for strength during this time.
  • Looking for Widowmaker Q’s.  The sheet is down to the bare bones.  Let’s all work on EH’ing a friend to get out there and enjoy this hour before Suburbia weekend begins.  Fellow AO’s if haven’t been out to the Widowmaker give it a shot it’s a great park with endless beat down opportunities.
  • We gave gratitude for the breath in our lungs and ability to get outside in this amazing world and challenge ourselves to get better and be better.

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